Keeping the sparks flying in any romantic relationship is important. This is crucial whether you’re in different states or even living together, there is nothing wrong with spicing things up and keeping things interesting.

In this list of romantic gift ideas for your partner, you will keep your communication and closeness alive.

Home & Decor
1. Custom Wooden Cutting Board

Cooking a meal together is one of the best activities you can do as a couple. This customized cutting board will come in handy on those nights you stay in and make a romantic dinner. Different designs can be customized for you and your partner that you both would love. 


Home & Decor
2. Cocktail Shaker

What’s sexier than a well-made cocktail? Save some money by not going to a bar and making your own cocktails at home with this shaker. You can enjoy trying out new recipes in the comfort of your own home. 


Home & Decor
3. Sexy Mug

Let them know they are sexy with this handmade mug. This is perfect for coffee, tea, or any other beverage. While they drink it they will be reminded of how sexy they are. 


Home & Decor
4. Sexy Candle

This hilarious candle is a unique way to put a smile on their face for sure and will make a funny naughty gift for your significant other. 


Home & Decor
5. Love Spinning Heart Messenger

Send heartfelt messages anywhere in the world with this modern take on the classic love note. Give this super sweet love note box to your partner and send them your sentiments via the app. When the love box receives your messages, its chunky red heart spins around like crazy ‘til they open the lid to read it.


6. Love Distance Bracelets

A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and your dearest. When you touch it, they feel it—no matter where they are. The natural vibration mimics your partner’s touch. When you send a touch, your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice. 


7. I Love You Bottle Opener

Maybe your romance started over a beer or two. If your partner is a beer lover, this keychain/bottle opener is a fun gift. It will also come in handy when you two are ready to have a couple drinks. 


8. Matching Couple Bracelets

Suitable for men and women, there is one for you and one for them, and they both can be customized. Nothing says romance like a cute matching pair of bracelets. 


9. Truth or Dare Game

Spice up your date night with truth or dare. This activity would definitely take your relationship to the next level, create sensual memories that you will never forget, and explore the mystery of fantasies.


10. Date Night Spinner

This Date Night Spinner is perfect for the couple who can never decide where to go out to eat. It makes a cute, yet useful gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day. Never argue about where you are going to eat again!


11. Date Night Cookbook

Rekindle the romance at home with a weekly date night, one on one, over an absolutely delicious meal for two. Spend some time reconnecting over delicious meals. It is a great gift if you love to cook together!


12. Funny Card

This funny card will put a smile on their face. The card inside is blank so you can add something funny or meaningful that they will enjoy reading.  


13. Karma Sutra Kit

The Kama Sutra Lovers gift set lets you take passion with you wherever you go. It’s the ideal travel companion for lovers. A collection of petite, sensual treats perfectly proportioned to meet TSA rules and fit easily into luggage. 


14. Intimacy Prompt Cards

This game is designed to foster intimacy between new partners and to reignite it between long-term partners bringing them closer. Each card contains a prompt designed to spark fun and meaningful conversation. 


15. Our Adventure Book

Fans of Disney will adore the ‘Our Adventure Book’, inspired by the adorable movie, ‘Up’. Fill this book up with photos, postcards, ticket stubs and other things you want to remember. When you look back on it in the future you will be reminded of wonderful times together. 


16. Journal Activity

This journal allows couples to create a time capsule of their relationship. It provides prompts with space for you to jot down a response. They can be answered individually or together. 


17. Boudoir Photo Album

You can really keep the sparks flying with a boudoir book. Taking some pictures only meant for their eyes and putting them in a photo album would be a great gift idea. 


18. Letters to Open

This time capsule prompt book is great if you are looking for something sappy. Each letter comes with a prompt and can be sealed into the book. Grab the tissues. You will need it when you read these. 


19. Disney Style Portrait

Are you both Disney fans? Turn a photo into a beautiful piece of Disney cartoon art to decorate your home! 

20. Date Night Kit

Intimacy is in the air. Enjoy this date night kit with an array of tempting ways to tantalize and entertain your exclusive couples experience. Dim the lights and set the mood with this beautifully crafted kit.


Self Care
21. Massage Stones

Massage each other with these natural lava stones. These can help bring a sensual massage to the next level. Using the stones during a massage can help improve circulation, release tension, and soothe aches and pains. 


Self Care
22. Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is great for stressed out couples. Turn on your diffuser and add your favorite essential oils and relax. 


Self Care
23. Couples Pajamas

These Silky satin Pajamas are perfect for couples looking to wear matching pajamas. They are soft and comfortable. Perfect to lounge around in and hang out on a lazy day. 


24. Airbnb

Book a romantic getaway with Airbnb. You both get to snuggle up in a beachfront bungalow or a cozy cabin and spend some quality time together while creating memories. 


25. Passport Holder

Travel internationally and take your adventures to the next level. Add a cute note or picture so that they can keep it in their passport at all times. 


The Bottom Line

These gift ideas are not only romantic but they will be sure to keep the sparks flying in your relationship. From sweet and sentimental to more intimate and sensual, there is something on this list that is perfect for your significant other. 

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