Long-distance relationships are not easy and they take a special strong couple to be able to handle it. If you two are spending Valentine’s Day apart, there are tons of gifts that can make the separation from your special person a little bit more bearable.

Here are the best long-distance relationship ideas to send to your significant other.

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1. Weighted Blanket

If you can’t cuddle with your lover IRL, a weighted blanket is the best alternative to get you through your solitude. You choose whichever weight you would like starting at 15 pounds or higher. It will make you feel like you are being hugged from every angle when they’re not there. 

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2. Coffee Spoons

Just because you are not next to each other, it doesn’t stop you from spending some quality coffee time together. This spoon allows you stir your coffee while adding a cute and intentional highlight to your daily life.

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3. Engraved Touch Lamp

It’s essential to find things that keep you connected. Long phone calls or texts are great but you can change it up with this lamp. It is a cute way to make you feel close when you’re far apart.

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4. Mini Espresso

Perfect for coffee lovers. This portable espresso maker will make your significant other be able to have a cup of warm and delicious home brew espresso and they can take it wherever they want. 


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5. Hug This Pillow

Being in a long distance relationship means you don’t get as many hugs as you want but at least you have this pillow that can send the right message when you’re apart!


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6. Luggage

Get them a luggage set for the next time they come visit you. They will be excited to pack their belongings into these and plan a trip to come see you. There are many colors to choose from they will be sure to enjoy. 


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7. Countdown Clock

A countdown clock is the perfect gift to countdown down until you see each other again. No need to manually calculate how long it will be until you see each other, just enter the current date and target date. 


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8. Phone Stand

Make it easier to chat on the phone with this phone stand. Your phone will sit on this stand perfectly to receive Facetime calls without having to hold your phone for the long hours you two chat. 


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9. I Miss Your Face Candle

Let them know how much you miss them with this sweet “I Miss Your Face” candle they are sure to love. You can personalize the candles by adding the states you two are in, making it extra special. 


10. Pinky Promise Ring

They can take you everywhere they go with a pinky promise keychain made with high quality natural woods. Engrave it on one side or both with your anniversary and initials. A beautiful gift for a long distance relationship partner. 


11. Love Distance Bracelets

A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and your dearest. When you touch it, they feel it—no matter where they are. The natural vibration mimics your partner’s touch. When you send a touch, your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice. The set of two makes dealing with that distance a little less rough. 


12. Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

Make someone feel special with this personalized coordinates bracelet. Personalize it with your latitude and longitude coordinates, making it a romantic gift for your long-distance partner.

13. Engraved Rock

Present your loved one with this special forever keepsake with a lovely heartfelt message on it. Makes an excellent well thought out gift for your lover. 


14. Card game

Keep the Facetime conversations going with a fun couple card game. It’s a great way to change things up a bit. It will get you two to know each other a bit better and even remind you why you’re together in the first place. No matter how long you two have been in a relationship, this is a great gift to get closer than ever. 


15. Journal activity

This journal allows couples to create a time capsule of their relationship. It provides prompts with space for you to jot down a response. They can be answered individually or together. 

16. Why I Miss You Journal

Fill in the blanks of this small journal and it becomes a personalized gift someone you miss can read as many times as they want. Make it cute or funny or however you please. It makes a beautiful keepsake!


17. Custom Blanket

If the weighted blanket isn’t your thing, maybe a personalized custom blanket is. Choose the states and the type of material you want your blanket to be with a cute message on it.

18. Personalized Love Pills

This item makes the perfect unique gift to show your loved ones just how you feel! Each capsule contains a secret message/reason you love them. There are 100 personalized messages included in the red/white capsules.


19. Wine Box With Lock

If you both love wine, this vintage style rustic wine box is perfect for you two. It is engraved with your first or last names, year or date. A perfect gift for any wine-loving couples.


20. Voice Recorder

If your bae is not into cheesy gifts, this voice recorder might be a good option. You can turn a song or a voice recording of your own into soundwaves. You can listen to the message or song as many times as you want! 


21. Personalized Heart Map

If you are separated by a long distance – love knows no boundaries! This personalized heart map will make a wonderful gift for your significant other. 


22. Gift a Snack

Who would say no to a box of goodies? This snack box has a variety of delicious snacks that they will love to eat. All their favorite snacks in one place will be sure to put a smile on their face. 

23. Acrylic Song Poster

Remind them how you feel for them through this personalized acrylic song poster. Display their favorite song and album art in a sleek, innovative way.


24. Custom Portrait

Whether you two like The Simpsons or cartoon characters in general, this allows you to customize a portrait with characters. This is a fun way to display a photo of the two of you in a unique way. Then one day when you are no longer in a LDR, you can hang it up in your home! 


The Bottom Line

Long-distance relationships might be hard but gift-giving doesn’t have to be. These gifts are perfect for your significant other that they will use and love. These thoughtful gift ideas will bring you even closer, despite the miles in between.

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