Seeing the smile on someone’s face, cheering them up after a bad day, making your gift a statement on special occasions… 

Isn’t gifting the best? 

As the saying goes, ‘the more you give, the more you take’. That’s proven to be true time and time again. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of gifts for couples, but that can come from a friend or a special person. 

1. Personalized Keychain

The best of this gift is that it is small and discreet but it still makes someone feel like their other half is with them.

 Whether you’re only a friend or someone’s better half, this gift is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

 Even more, if you know they like to keep things low-key instead of making a fuss about it.


2. Muggy Together

You can’t stop buying more and more cute mugs even if you already have multiple at home?

 Yeah, me neither.

 That should be motivation enough to get your significant other or your couple of friends an extra mug, personalized with a photo, matching design or adorable quote.


Christmas Accessories for Married Couples
3. Christmas Ornament

Your friends don’t celebrate Christmas? Or they’re not the type to dedicate lots of time decorating only for a holiday?

 In either case, these ornaments will make someone’s day.

 They can be personalized to your liking so that you can mix the couple’s theme with any other that you think would be fitting for an ornament ball. 


4. Pair of bracelets

This is also a gift choice that gives you endless options.

 There are so many matching bracelets, that you can either choose from the ones already available or think of completely new ones to your imagination’s content.

 Whether you know the likes of the couple receiving this gift, these are extremely cute and almost impossible to go wrong with.


Bath, Beach
5. Matchy Beachy Towels

Do you enjoy shopping for a new beach towel every year?

 You can use that passion as an opportunity to gift someone special or a couple in your life.

 Matching towels are a gift that you know will be useful and exclusive.

Couples Games
6. Couples dice

Some couples like to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

 And whether you’re gifting your other half or your friends, this is a gift that if not used, can serve as romantic decoration, so your efforts will definitely never go to waste.

 A dice full of new positions to try dares or teasing advances. Take your pick.


Couples Games
7. Kill Bell

These little bells feature quotes like ‘ring for a kiss’ or ‘ ring for a smile’.

 That’s what makes ringing them so fun, they elicit an immediate reaction from someone.

 Just as it will if you make a gift out of these ringing accessories.


8. Sticky Love Note Jar

This is more of a DIY type of gift that you can give to your special someone.

 Even so, it absolutely doesn’t rule out that a friend would give this jar to a couple.

 A friend can fill it with all of the reasons they think this couple is awesome, instead of the passionate way a partner would fill it. 


Self Care
9. Care Box

Another gift you can either buy or make yourself.

 Although there are a lot of loving and adoring options of these care boxes ready to buy, you can customize them however you prefer. 

 Want to take care of someone from a distance when they’re having a bad day? Cheer up a couple who’s going through a rough patch? These are a great way to ‘predict’ the future and make someone feel cared for.


Home & Decor
10. Love Lamp 

There’s just something about the ambiance given by a lamp. It changes the atmosphere of the entire room. 

 Cozy evening? Sexy mood? The answer is lighting. 

 Whether you’re gifting it or receiving it, a lamp with a couple of outlines (or anything else that’s romantic), will be a great gift for any occasion. 


Home & Decor
11. Photo Painting 

Do you feel like something isn’t fully personalized unless you can make a painting out of it? 

 That’s exactly the idea here. Pick a picture and have it drawn and painted on a canvas. 

 Stealing a picture in order to make a surprise out of this gift should be easy enough, whether you’re a friend or romantic partner. 


Home & Decor
12. Star Map 

You’ve heard the saying, right? The one when everything goes perfectly and someone says they could read it in the stars. 

 The stars are also at play here, an extremely thoughtful gift being creating the star map of a special moment. 

 The moment when you met your significant other? The first kiss? Just input the date, some other coordinates, and get your star map. 


13. Hotel night

Hotels can be incredibly expensive nowadays, especially ones where you get the full romantic experience.

 Anyone would enjoy saving a few hundred bucks by having a hotel stay given to them.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re gifting that to your partner or friends, as things are modern enough, (thankfully), to allow you to make a reservation for someone else, or at least buy them a voucher.


14. Half Necklace

I know the name might sound like you’re only getting half of what you paid for or a broken necklace, but I promise it’s not that.

 A half necklace means that you get to keep half of a heart or any other shape, and the other person holds the other part.

 This works as a great gift for someone that you consider your other half, letting them and everyone else knows so.


15. T-shirt made of personality

Colorful title, right? Just as colorful as the endless patterns or images you can choose from when getting a personalized t-shirt.

 Ideally, you’d choose a romantic picture or a design that would only make sense when people wear it together.

 Whether you decide on that or a completely different layout, this gift will not fail to make someone melt.

Home & Decor
16. Picture board

Have you ever been decorating a room in your home, placing a picture somewhere, but then not feeling like it is quite right?

 Feeling like something is missing? But you also don’t want to add too much?

 That’s where a picture board comes in perfectly, holding multiple pictures in just one frame, and we can never have too many picture frames, right? Take advantage of this and gift someone.

Home & Decor
17. Cute pillow

All pillows are cute, so how could this one top that?

 Adding to all the natural cuteness, this one is meant to feature an inside joke. a picture, or anything you want.

 If you would like to make someone or a couple feel undoubtedly cute, then make a gift out of this. 

Self Care
18. Bombing bath

A warm, relaxing bath is already something many of us spend all day longing for.

 Well, those of us who have a tub.

 The thing is, you can improve this moment even more by adding a bath bomb to your water, a small sphere that dissolves into pleasing nutrients essential for your skin.

Couples Games
19. Scented candles

Candles are a must for any romantic occasion. Even more so if they’re scented.

 That way, you’re setting a great mood and making sure the other is delighted by the scent enveloping it all.

 You can either gift these or make them from melted wax. Both options are guaranteed to make for an amazing gift, though.


Home & Decor
20. Musical Snow Globe

Snow globes are often a highly cherished object of our childhood, holding precious memories in a snowy background.

 However, what if these memories weren’t only in your mind? What if those memories weren’t even from your childhood?

 You have every possibility as snow globes are becoming more and more personalized, being a great gift option if you fill it with a little figure of the gift receiver.


Home & Decor
21. Matching sheets

Does it feel like a never-ending war as to who has the most bed space?

 This is a problem that could be fixed with bed sheets thought out for couples, that normally feature ‘his side’ and ‘her side’ prints.

 Whether aiming for a serious and useful gift or a funny moment, these matching bed sheets will definitely make that happen. 

Accessories & Jewelry
22. Preserved Rose & Necklace

Flowers look so beautiful right when you get them. 

 They will surely let someone know that you appreciate them, but it will only be temporary. 

 Stop your flowers from wilting and turning into ruined gifts by preserving them, so they will last forever. 

Home & Decor
23. Creating roots

House plants… I feel like there is a thin line between owning a plant and filling your house with them. 

 However, besides a plant’s decorative value, the meaning behind these will make for another reason you should get a plant. 

 Do you know someone who is already obsessed with house plants? Getting another one, with great meaning, will put a smile on their face. 


Couples Games
24. Fluffy Handcuffs

Every couple will try these sooner or later in their relationship. 

 For that, they need to own a pair of handcuffs first, right? 

 If you know that a couples’ success also depends on their bedroom activity and you want them to prosper, why not gift them these fluffy handcuffs? 

Couples Games
25. Erotica Poetry Magnets

Fridge magnets are a pattern. 

 Just think, you have fridge magnets for your travels, you hang your kid’s drawings with fridge magnets… Why not also owning some that represent your love? 

 If you make a gift out of these, you will be able to choose patterns and colors according to what you think the couple stands for, or what they will enjoy. 

26. Chocolate Box

Sometimes we want such a unique gift that we forget the obvious. 

 Any friend or couple would appreciate this little sweet treat. 

 Chocolate just seems to taste even better when they come as a gift, right? 


27. Bath Apparel

I know what you’re thinking, “Can’t they just use a towel?”. 

 Of course, but then they would miss out on the soft fabric and cuteness. 

 It’s basically a two-in-one if you make a gift out of a super soft and aesthetically pleasing set of bathrobes. 

Couples Games
28. Deck of Cards

Card games are so outdated, right?

 Not really.

 Especially the new modern decks of cards thought out for couples. These are not only so much fun but they will also ensure an alluring game.

29. Sleep Masks 

No matter how lovely it is to wake up to see your loved one, sometimes you just need a sleep mask. 

 Sleep masks can either be personalized or gifted individually, but they will ensure a night of deep and undisturbed sleep. 

 Does this make you think of someone that’s always complaining about not getting enough sleep? Gifting a sleep mask will be undeniably appreciated. 

30. Photo keychain 

If you’re looking for a cute and small gift, this is it. 

 A keychain that’s a mini-book goes a step further than a personalized keychain. 

 That mini-book could be filled with photos or with whatever the gift giver desires. 

Couples Games
31. Matching Couples Underwear

Now, I know there’s the saying that you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public. 

 But that’s exactly why an extra pair of underwear makes a great gift. 

 When wishing to gift a couple, usually these have a matching design. However, they can be as plain or as extravagant as you like. 

Couples Games
32. Fun Coupons

Did you think that coupons could only be used in stores? Think again. 

 These are coupons that can be cashed in by the significant other, so they feature tokens like ‘cook me a romantic dinner’. 

 Make these yourself or buy a couple-themed coupon book, that doesn’t stop you from picking it with someone in mind. 


Bottom line 

There are a lot of romantic gift options, most of them customizable. 

Either way, you’re guaranteed to be able to show your appreciation toward the gift receiver, whether they’re a friend or couple. 

The gifts on this list won’t fail to show your appreciation for someone. 

They will also remain as cherished objects with a memory behind it, whether that memory is from a romantic moment or a moment when a friend gifted them.

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