We’ve all experienced this: someone’s birthday or special event is coming up and suddenly you find yourself struggling to get a gift.

Because you don’t want just any gift, you want something that you’re sure the other person will cherish.

It’s completely normal that you want your gift to make a good impression, especially on the person who is going to be receiving it. 

I mean, you don’t want them to feel like they’re stuck with a gift they don’t even like.

Does that person happen to be a fan of superhero movies? Or a fan of Thor?

Either way, it’s worth looking through the list below that we’ve put together about the best presents for Thor fans, more specifically, the best 31 presents you can get for any Thor fan.

Home & Decor
1. Personalised Marvel Name

If you’ve been in the decorating game for a while, you’re probably no stranger to the endless print options. It’s reasonable that they offer such a variety of designs, as a print can show your personality, style, or even your favorite movie. One that you will probably find appealing is the Word Art one, where the letters of whatever word you choose are customized to a theme of your liking. That word can be something as simple as someone’s name or something as fancy as a rare meaningful word, because in either case, a beautiful design is guaranteed, one that you can make into a meaningful gift for someone.


Phone Accessories
2. Thor Phone Cases

Dropping your phone may cause devastating damage: cracked screen, scratches, and even worse. You can pick any hero from the Marvel universe to protect your phone. But who would be more worthy than Thor? In the end, he’s the one who killed Thanos, well at least the first time. He’s the god for the job.


3. Thor/Marvel Keychain

Keychains hold all of our most important belongings, or at least, most of them.

 So it’s no wonder that we’d like to personalize such an item.

 And much like phone cases, there’s also an enormous variety of keychain designs and shapes.

 That way, it’s really easy for someone to obtain a keychain themed to their favorite movie or character, whether they get it for themselves or as a gift. You can choose any of the Marvel heroes to protect your keys, but we suggest Thor – he’s worthy.


4. Thor Action Figure

Are you the proud owner of a bookshelf or desk that is yours to do as you please? One that is way too bare for its own good?

If you’re like me and you have been asking for some shelves for quite a while… well, you want to make sure you are making the most of them. 

That can be done with an action figure, as action figures act both as decoration, collectibles, or toys. Even if those are the most common uses for action figures, you (or the gift receiver), can do anything else they want with an action figure, maybe even role-play being a superhero.

5. Thor Shaker Bottle

It’s such widely known advice by now that we all know it, we should stay hydrated.

It’s not easy to always remember to drink water but the easiest way to do it is to take a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

In this case, it can be water or anything else you like, because even though this bottle is meant for shakes, it will hold any liquid.

But let’s face it, sometimes it can be a hassle to take a water bottle with you everywhere, though that will be somewhat minimized if you buy a bottle featuring a design of your favorite character.


6. LEGO Thor Merch

Lego lets you do pretty much anything you want. As for this set, the goal is to build a superhero, specifically Thor.

Just as you can do anything you want with a Lego set, there’s also a lego set meant for pretty much anything you can imagine.

A lego set can either represent your favorite character, be themed to your favorite movie, take your preferred shape… anything, its versatility makes for a great gift.

As the gifter of a Lego set, you can show off your knowledge about how well you know someone’s taste and favorite things. 

7. Thor Ragnorak Puzzle

If you’ve ever seen a movie poster so cool that you wish you could tear it apart, well, now you can.

 Maybe not tear, but carefully deconstruct.

 This puzzle is themed after your favorite movie and it comes with an additional poster so that it gives you a little help in putting this puzzle together.

 Made of high-quality materials, this puzzle is sure to be something that will be safely kept away rather than turn into countless lost pieces.

8. Socks Thor Inspired

Socks easily get holes in them, so they need to be replaced pretty often.

And everyone likes warm feet, right? Socks are the barrier that protects our feet from harsh shoe materials. 

Not only that but it helps you walk and do pretty much anything that requires moving around.

If you, or someone you know, needs to replace some of their pairs of socks, why not do so with socks that represent your favorite character?

9. Thor Hammer Cufflinks

Such a little detail that can make or break your suit, right?

 Cufflinks help you to look put together even if you mess up your suit choice.

 These can be anything you think looks pretty in a minimalistic attire.

 With that in mind, it’s probably an odd choice to turn your favorite movie into a statement accessory, though if you’re bold enough to do that, you know these will be unique

Home & Decor
10. Thor Hammer Fridge Magnet

You need to leave a note to someone.

 And you need to leave it in a place that you know they can’t miss, even if they’re the most distracted person ever.

 So where do you leave it? The fridge.

 Being such an obvious place to leave a note, it’s also a place and a situation that gives you the freedom to choose your fridge magnets, and those can be anything from simple magnetic letters to magnetic representations of  your favorite movie or character.

Home & Decor
11. Avengers Thor Axe

Gear up like your favorite character, in this case, Thor, by getting this item.

 This item, an axe, resembles the one used by Thor. 

 It even has sound effects so that you feel like it’s the real thing!

 You can use this item for role-play, cosplay, decoration, or anything else you can think of.

12. Marvel wallet with Thor Symbol

Talking in coins, a waller comes as a great gift choice.

 Why? Because you get to choose its size and available pockets.

 The customization is on your hands, not just on the inside but on the design outside as well.

 Even if transactions on our phones are becoming more and more popular than having money on you, you still need a wallet that allows you to take important documents with you wherever you go.

13. Thor Hammer as a Fidget Spinner

Anxiety toys have taken over the markets, that’s an undeniable fact.

 However, what’s deniable is that that new item you just got is an anxiety coping mechanism.

 That’s how fidget spinners and many other small calming objects came to be.

 This small hammer is no different, featuring a top that spins, even while being securely attached to its handle.

For Kids
14. Coloring Book

Who said that coloring books are only a toy for kids?

 No one. That’s because they aren’t.

 They’re an item that holds an appeal for anyone who loves art, even if they’re more about coloring than drawing.

 Like a candle, this isn’t a gift that will last a lifetime but featuring 80 pages will sure take a while to color.

15. All I want Thor Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, avoid the frenzy of people getting their last gift shopping done and get yourself one of these Christmas cards.

 It’s an additional detail that will turn any gift from average to unique.

 Are you worried that you got someone something that they might not like?

 If they’re a fan of superheroes, more specifically Thor, give your gift a little boost by adding this Thor-themed Christmas card.


Home & Decor
16. Mjollnir

Different from the axe, this item is a much more discreet prop.

 Even so, it still succeeds in being similar to the one used by Thor.

 That way, this hammer would be the perfect finishing touch for any costume or cosplay. 

 If not for that purpose, this can be a great decorative prop. Its soft and shiny surface will make this look like the real deal while being completely safe for either use.

Home & Decor
17. Marvel Curtains with Thor, Hulk, Captain America & Hulk

Even if you don’t have outstanding decoration skills, nailing the curtains placed in any room will change up the whole vibe.

 Or, you know, if you just need to replace your curtains because your cat is always ripping them.

 Either one scenario or the other, this makes for a perfect opportunity to pick out a new curtain style.

 Why not pick curtains with the appearance of your favorite movie character?

18. Thor Ragnarok Screenplay

Reading nowadays is as simple as opening your Amazon kindle store and picking a title.

 Still, there is just something about pages you can touch filled with words that relate to you.

 If you know someone who values that, as well as spending their time without a screen, then a screenplay might be in order.

 This script allows someone to just tune off from everything else and focus on the screenplay of their favorite movie.

19. T-shirt of Thor

There are many t-shirts available at retail stores.

 Ones that you can wear right away but that you also know you’re bound to rip or stain sooner or later.

 So why not get a headstart on this and stock up on t-shirts that you love, like ones with the image of your favorite movie or character?

 At least you know that these will be treated a bit more carefully than your other t-shirts and because of that, take longer before they need to be replaced.

20. Thor's Hammer(Mjolnir) Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are not only good to demonstrate your personality but they also come in handy when you need to hide scratches.

 Did you accidentally scratch something that you were trying to keep intact?

 A sticker is the answer.

 What’s more, you don’t need to stick to boring stickers, you can get any exciting ones with your favorite shapes and designs.


Home & Decor
21. Thor's Mjolnir Hammer Refrigerator Magnet & Bottle Opener

This tool is not only useful to have around but it’s also fun to use.

 It maintains the features of a regular old bottle opener while being similar to a movie prop.

 More specifically, similar to the hammer used by Thor.

 Dare to use this unique tool and you’re guaranteed to get a lot of positive comments about your out-of-the-ordinary bottle opener.

Home & Decor
22. Mjolnir Desk Statue

My desk has a minimalist design, what does yours look like?

 See, the cool thing about desks is that they can look however you like, and more importantly, however you feel comfortable working.

 You’re guaranteed to get a little boost while working if you make space in your desk for a small statue.

 That statue can be anything you find appealing, but bonus points if it represents your favorite character and movie.

23. Thor Plushie

Does anyone else have so many plushies that it’s a challenge to lay on their bed?

 Nope? Just me?

 Well, it’s a fact that plushies add that extra comfortable layer to a bed, especially if they’re ones that you actually like.

 Because you  can definitely like the fact that plushies are soft and warm but nothing will beat getting a plushie that represents your favorite character.


24. Thor Funko Pop

Funko Pop is a collectible. People like to buy their favorite characters and heroes just as decor. Let’s admit. Thor was a badass in Avenger movies and having him on your desk would be pretty cool. Thor will always choose to turn towards his problems and not away from them. Because that’s what heroes do. 

Bottom Line

If you need any last-minute gifts, we’ve got you covered.

On the other hand, if you prefer thinking of a gift way ahead of time, this list will undoubtedly fuel your inspiration.

Either way, you’re bound to find something that you like in this list.

At least, something that is so great that you’re sure the other person will love receiving the gift you picked out.

Keep in mind that while this list features the absolute best gifts for Thor fans, there are a million other options to choose from if none of the items in this list strikes your fancy.

Doesn’t seem like there will be any new Avengers movies any time soon same goes for Thor movies, but if you miss Thor, here are some great scenes from Thor Movies & Avenger Movies where Thor is being Thor:

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