Right now, there’s probably at least one person in your life who loves swimming. 

Rightfully so, as swimming allows for a sense of freedom, in the water and out of it, and it helps anyone build a whole lot of resilience.

Whether they aim to do it professionally or just as a hobby, it is guaranteed that they will appreciate any swimming-related, useful, and thoughtful gifts. 

If no one in your life is a swimmer, they’re probably the parents of one. Which doesn’t invalidate a gift at all, if anything, it creates a bigger need for it.

But if you’re at a loss of ideas for what present fits this description, as well as one of a swimmer’s personality, just get some inspiration from the list below:

High-quality hair cap

A hair cap is an accessory you will see basically all swimmers wearing.

 And it is a must, especially for people with long hair. Having all your hair tucked in in one place makes it a lot easier to move in the water.

 It doesn’t only make swimming easier, but it makes everything a lot more efficient.

 It is also something that needs to be maintained after every use, and that might take a while, so multiple hair caps are necessary. You don’t need to worry if someone already has a hair cap like you were planning on making a gift out of. 

It also comes in 20 different colors.

2. Water Bottle - Iron Flask

 Taking water with you is crucial when it comes to practicing any sport safely and making sure you’re staying hydrated. 

 But sometimes it’s easy not to drink our water or even touch our water bottle as it gets increasingly warm the longer it sits in your bag.

 That’s why a water bottle with cooling technology is an amazing gift for any swimmer, or for anyone who plays sports.

 They will be able to take their water with them and keep it by the pool without needing to worry about it getting too warm to drink.

3. Swimmer's Soap

If your first thought after reading this is ‘There’s more than one type of soap?”, then we’re definitely on the same page.

 So what is this swimmer’s soap? Swimmer’s soap is a type of soap specially designed to wash off chlorine.

 With pools full of chlorine so they can be kept clean, it’s no wonder that this is a problem for swimmers, people who spend so much time on the water.

 This gift is a no-brainer when it comes to gifting a swimmer with something useful that you want to be sure they will use.

4. Swimming Hair Elastic Set

There’s always a shortage of hair ties, those things just evaporate into thin air even if you swear you remember where you last left your elastic.

 That’s why an elastic set, (bonus points if the hair ties are swimming-themed), is always such a great and essential gift.

 You’re probably thinking that there’s no point in a swimmer wearing a hair tie, but especially when they have to fit all of their hair in a hair cap, it will surely come in handy.

 If they’re not using it, a hair tie around your wrist makes for a nice bracelet. So, there’s really no way that you could go wrong with this gift.

5. Gym/Duffel Bag for Swimmers

When you need to take your own things anywhere, you quickly realize that everything you own is either too small or the fabric is too thin to be able to carry all of the items you need.

 That can be fixed with multiple bags, of course, but if you own a big backpack or duffel bag, you won’t have to take multiple bags with you.

 Especially for swimming practice, you need your water, your swimsuit, goggles, snacks, shower slides, shower supplies, etc.

 So if you’re thinking of this as a gift for the swimmer in your life, just make sure that either a backpack or duffel bag is big enough and comes equipped with a lot of pockets and make sure it’s water resistent. 

6. Inspirational Bracelet

A bracelet isn’t a must, but nobody can deny how much nicer it makes you feel to have that little accessory complementing your outfit. 

 That feeling doesn’t change in the water, it only gets intensified, as you catch glimpses of your bracelet as you move your arms through the water.

 If it’s swimming themed, that’s even more of a motivating aspect for a swimmer, it can even be what helps them decide either to give up or keep going.

 If your gifting style is more of small and meaningful objects, then a personalized, inspirational bracelet is a perfect choice for you.

7. After Swim Body Wash

We’ve seen swimmer’s soap and what it is. 

 This body wash can essentially do the same as a swimmer’s soap, it washes off the chlorine.

 However, with a specific body wash, you also get a layer of moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties, which are a must for someone who wants both to get rid of chlorine and keep their skin super soft.

 If you know someone who cares about these two things, then they will undoubtedly appreciate an After Swim Body Wash as a gift.

8. Water Resistant SmartWatch

Adding to the effect of a bracelet, a stopwatch is not only a great additional accessory.

 It is essential for any swimmer who is focused on improving, so they can check their time and challenge themselves without needing to leave the water.

 That’s why it is a must that it is able to take some water, whether a swimmer takes it on their wrist or keeps it close by the pool.

 A water-resistant smartwatch is a gift that a swimmer will love, especially as it will help them to the next level in their performance. And it also comes in handy besides the swimming pool.

9.  Inspirational Necklace

Just as a bracelet, a swimming-themed necklace is an accessory that will give a confidence boost to anyone who loves swimming, whether they are in the water or not.

It will not only allow them to display their passion but it will also remind them to keep doing what they love when it gets tough.

A necklace is a small thing but it can have such a deep meaning. It would make for an amazing gift.

Bonus points if that necklace also has a pin that can be pinned on clothes, so it stays in place while swimming.

Clothing & Apparel
10. Microfiber Towels for Body

Drying quickly is a concern for anyone, whether they are a swimmer or they have just visited the beach.

Drying fast is essential to avoid any debris from getting all over your body or in your swimsuit

Although challenging, this can be achieved with a microfiber towel. See, the great thing about a microfiber towel is that it is extremely absorbent.

And we can always use more towels, right? Especially if you find out that the person receiving the gift isn’t fond of doing their laundry.

11. Awards & Badge Display

Swimming is incredibly challenging, which is probably why many love swimming competitions.

They’re places geared towards awarding and mentioning honorable athletes. 

However, what do you do after gaining an award? Are you supposed to always wear your medal and never take it off?

This award display comes to fix this issue as it holds both your badges and medals so you can show them off.


12. Swimming Goggles

This is a must for anyone who likes to see it. And I am pretty sure that’s one thing we all have in common.

Wearing goggles as you’re weaving through the water will help immensely with your eyesight. It will keep things nice and clear so that nothing holds you back from swimming at your full capacity.

Extra goggles are always needed, which makes this a perfect gift, eliminating the worry of a swimmer already having way too many goggles to receive any more.

13. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever wished that you could listen to music while doing your favorite thing? That’s also what a swimmer wants.

This is why a waterproof Bluetooth speaker would make a great gift.

I mean, a swimmer probably already sets up their own music speaker far away from the pool, where their music will bother others, but being so loud is the only way you can hear it in the pool.

A Bluetooth speaker that’s water-resistant could easily be kept close to the pool and eliminate the need for blasting loud sounds.


Clothing & Apparel
14. Hand Warmers

Don’t your hands get super sticky when there’s a lot of humidity in the air?

That happens even at a worse level for swimmers, add to that wet hands totally exposed?

That does sound like it can get pretty chilly, but gladly there are hand warmers.

A gift that any swimmers, or anyone really, would certainly cherish.

Clothing & Apparel
15. Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Just as important as it is to make sure your body dries quickly, it matters just as much that your hair also dries fast.

Or at least that you dry it for the most part, so if you want to get into your clothes or anything, you won’t get everything you touch wet.

That’s where a microfiber hair towel comes in. The twist aspect is also very useful, as it can keep your hair in place so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way while it dries.

It surprises me how not everyone has one of these, as I personally think they are the greatest product ever, one that would certainly make for an amazing gift.

16. Speedo Swimsuit for Women

This is obviously everyone’s first present idea when they want to gift a swimmer.

 It might even sound boring. However, gifting a swimsuit will allow you to choose patterns, even personalized ones and all other adjusting measurements.

 Which is something that can turn your gift from great to exceptional.

 Especially if you know that a swimmer has some fitting problems with their current swimsuit, which are essential to move comfortably in the water.


17. Bundle Of Shower Supplies

This is basically a 2-in-1 gift, one that will surely look better as a bundle.

If you’ve ever showered in a public bathroom and found that you’re out of shampoo or body wash, you know that feeling is most likely not pleasant.

That’s exactly the same for a swimmer, especially as they need to shower after practice and wash the chlorine off their skin.

Are you worried that one gift isn’t enough to express your support? Then this type of DIY gift is a really safe bet. Let us know if you give it a shot.


Clothing & Apparel
18. LAVAU Women Waterproof Flip Flops

These are most likely an essential, as no one wants the hassle of putting on their sneakers right after getting out of the pool. 

 Shower slides, or flip flops, would definitely fix that as they can be used both to get around and take a shower.

 Also needing an often wash, it’s not a bad idea either to own multiple pairs of these.

 Owning multiple pairs of this ever-so-essential item gets easier if this is a gift from someone else.


19. Water Gear Washer

You obviously can’t use the same soap that you use on your body to wash your equipment.

Well, you can, but it is probably not the best idea.

It’s good to have a separate gear washer with which you maintain your equipment and wash off the chlorine that may build up.

If you know anyone who uses the same washing object both for their body and to wash their equipment, then you know they will undoubtedly appreciate this gift, even if it comes with a lesson on bacteria.


Home Decor
20. Swimmers Mug with a Quote

Who doesn’t have a favorite mug? Or one that you specifically feel comfortable holding? 

 Right, everyone has that one special cup. 

 If you want to take that simplicity and turn it into an incredibly meaningful gift, there’s no way you will go wrong with this.

 After all, we all would appreciate having something to read while we drink our beverage of choice. (Yes, even if that is the same quote over and over again.)


21. Swimming Medal Holder

Of course, it feels great to win a medal and be awarded for something.

But then you’re left wondering what you should do with this new acquisition. 

Getting rid of it isn’t an option and letting it sit on your nightstand… it just doesn’t feel right. 

Now imagine you’re a swimmer experiencing this uncertainty… that’s where your gift comes in and saves the day. 


22. Necklace Whistle

This is something that you see on everyone who’s a team leader. 

 I mean, it is not only super useful but it also looks really stylish hanging from someone’s neck. 

 However, whistles are such small objects that they often get forgotten. 

 So why not make a team leader’s day better by gifting them a necklace whistle, or adding one to their collection, when you notice they don’t have their own? 


23. Snorkel/Breather

You know those super cool-looking things that swimmers wear so they can breathe underwater when in fact, they’re breathing air? 

That’s called a Snorkel. Much more difficult than just calling it what it’s used for, which is breathing. 

However, they’re pretty essential when you first start practicing how to hold your breath underwater for moderate periods of time. 

Being in the water almost 24/7, you can understand how a swimmer would be thrilled if you picked a Snorkel as a gift. 


24. Hand Paddles

Moving and floating through the water looks like the easiest thing ever. Is it? 

Not really. 

And you will find that the need for hand paddles says exactly that. 

That’s the reason a pair of hand paddles would make a crucial gift for a swimmer, as they need the paddles when first learning to move in the water. 


25. Anti-fog Spray

How annoying does it sound to constantly need to wipe your lens so you can see, well, anything? 

If you don’t wear glasses, spoiler alert, it is extremely irritating. 

I would know. And a swimmer would do too. 

An anti-fog spray as a gift might not seem like much but believe me, it will make a huge difference for a swimmer. 


26. Speedo Kickboard

A kickboard might be a memory from your diving lessons. 

Although it is more of a beginner tool, the safety given by a kickboard should never be taken for granted. 

It can be the difference between struggling to swim towards the surface and possibly drowning, or just holding on tight. 

A kickboard is a great gift if you want to silently tell someone “I care about you.”.


27. Speedo Nose Clip

That burning sensation in your nose when you accidentally breathe water in the shower? 

Yeah, it gets 10x worse in the pool. 

 This is why a nose clip is a recommended accessory for any swimmer. 

It will allow someone to focus more on their technique and speed rather than their breathing. 


Fun Facts about Swimmers

 Let’s take a look at some other strange facts about swimmers.

  • Swimming is great exercise and great for mobility but did you know that swimmers can bend their toes all the way to the ground?!
  • The oldest known swimming stroke is the breaststroke. When people jump into water it is the first swimming stroke they use to stay afloat. 
  • Swimming for pleasure has a history that dates back to the 1st Century B.C
  • Why do swimmers shower when they get out of the pool? Swimmers still sweat just as much in the pool as they would doing exercise on land. Mind Blown!
  • The average high school swimmer does over 1 million strokes in a season of swimming. Yikes!

Bottom Line

You’re guaranteed to put a smile on any swimmer’s face if you gift them anything remotely related to the one thing they love doing the most

There are a lot of options to gift your beloved swimmer, and these will adjust according to your budget or gifting standards

Many are useful, many are fancy, and many are both. 

Either way, all of them are useful and sure to make a swimmer’s life easier, whether they’re practicing for fun or trying to reach new goals, maybe even competing in the Olympics.

Hopefully, this list of high-quality products gave you some options, (or at least inspiration), as to what you can gift the swimmer in your life.

Which one will you choose? Let us know below! 

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