Getting a phone as a gift is risky it might not be compatible with their carrier, or ends up having not enough storage. A lot can go wrong. Yes… these are the common mistakes you can make when buying a gift for a tech-savvy person. If you know the person very, very well – then it’s a different story. Nevertheless, make sure you know the person’s requirements before getting a phone as a gift.

Assuming, the fun and joyful holiday season is well underway, so are the holiday gifts. I don’t know about you, but I am always excited to unwrap a new gadget as a gift. And when it’s about to pick a gift for an Android lover, then Samsung should be a brand you pay attention to during the holidays. Aside from offering a wide range of incredible products, there are plenty of deals to score a premium on a budget.

But, It may take hours to pick a gift for someone, and it’s the worst when it turns out not to be the right choice for the person, we can feel you… literally! 

So, here we have listed everything amazing for every Samsung lover in your circle, worth your hard-end dollar. All of these tech gifts are carefully handpicked for android lovers from any passion, you can buy right now.  

Samsung gifts UNPACKED!

1. The trendsetter Galaxy handset Z Flip 3 5G

The flip phones have not gotten old, just like this new evolutionary Samsung Z Flip 3, which walks us back to not just hi-tech folding technology but folding ‘screen’. Lowest price, water-resistant, stylish in look, smoother and faster performance are the dealmakers for us, which may also leave you wondering why you shouldn’t buy this. It folds into half just as the size of makeup compact, thus an ideal phone for all our beautiful ladies… we are just saying! 

2. Step into the next era with Galaxy handset Z Fold 3 5G

Are you wondering, flip or fold, the same thing? This Z fold 3 is as same in the features and functions as the above cute Flip 3, just a little bit of size difference, and is almost equal to having a Tab in your pocket. Similar to Flip 3, It also comes with high-performance day-to-day average battery life and better sustainability. Samsung knows how to pamper their customers and make it easy for them to maintain their beloved gadgets. They ensure that your gadgets are as safe as your investments.

 So who said you can’t buy both, depends on you how you would like to do the fold, this way or that. 


3. Sleek and smart Galaxy handset S21 Ultra

We just love how modern, luxurious and professional this handset is. This S21 is built for your modern workdays with high productivity and performance. You also better get a 108 MP camera, high-resolution display, with way improved low light performance over last year. It is a flagbearer with big and small upgrades. A perfect choice for an individual looking to upgrade to a phone which can support their flexible workability and keep their data secure. 

 Once again, it is the best phone by Samsung. Period.

4. Comfortable and better fit Galaxy Buds

One of the common fantasies of every techy person is to own a set of wireless earphones/earbuds. The all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of their kinds, light, comfortable and perfect wear, almost forgettable wireless earbuds we have come across to date. They now also come with better audio quality and allow longer use on a single charge.

 As if all of those good things were not enough, Samsung came up with these cute buddies. If we had only $100 to spend, these are a perfect pair to go for. 

5. An iconic S pen for Samsung devices 

This is no ordinary stylus, if they own any of Samsung’s smart devices, any note or galaxy series, a spare S pen is a perfect gift for them. Every now and then, a techy will come to you crying that they have lost their S pen, so you can just make their life easier with the S Pen in their spare. 

 This sleek and slim pen does more than it looks like it can do. 

6. Samsung gear smartwatch 4 - For a sporty fitness freak

Android fans! You have a Samsung watch 4 to quite compare closely to the Apple watch of Apple fans. There’s no question this smartwatch is like the most intimate piece of technology in the tech collection of an android user and worth a buy. It consistently offers the most premium experience while maintaining a robust set of health and fitness features. Samsung’s smartwatch provides the best value to its users, plus makes a statement of the watch instead of the aesthetics of the watch. 

7. Clear phone cases with cool designs 

Phone covers provide effective protection to your delicate gadgets, on the other hand, they also play the role of adding a touch of that aesthetic appeal that compliments your phone with your personality. Clear phone cases with custom or cool designs perfectly fit your Samsung devices and your taste as well. 

 It’s a win-win for you, protecting your phone as well as keeping up well with the trends without affecting your phone activity. You can check more available designs if you click on the link.

8. Fast charging cables

Fast charging technology is a blessing in modern busy days, they amazingly help you cope up with your rushing working style, and allow you to power up your device in a span of lunch breaks in the office or reach your meetings with a charge up of one hour. It also is a perfect replacement for outdated chargers that mobile companies are still using with a pretty outlook. 

9.  Selfie stick with tripod stand - For a person consumed by wanderlust

One of the traveling accessories I would never want to be left behind on vacations. Nevertheless, it also comes in handy for your mate who loves to do photography or is a popular TikToker and doesn’t leave a moment to film. It really enriches your photography experience, and also helps you take some nice photos and videos that you could not otherwise. 

 Taller friends, it’s your time to retire in peace, you will not have to be the selfie stick anymore. 

10.  Sleek leather wallet case

Classic wallet mobile cases come to your rescue when you have to make those quick store runs to grab night munchies or very sudden evening hangouts with your squad and hate to carry those bulky items or purses. Wallet phone cases are the best on-the-go accessory to buy and own, to avoid weighed down pockets for guys, and ladies juggling through totes. I can feel the pain and awkwardness of that nervous search for keys, wallet, or cards, it can be some work…! 

11. JBL Portable speakers - For everyone, to lighten moods

Not a Samsung product but just as good.

JBL speakers are always to go for any person who wants to vibe to the music, and come reasonably priced and high in quality! It also cuts you the hassle of a big wired speaker, working as one of the best portable speakers with outstanding sound quality and performance. Take your music with you, wherever, whenever!

Car Accessories
12. Travel car charging adaptor

Stay a step ahead in your tech world, no second thoughts on how much we depend on our mobile devices and gadgets for pretty much everything, especially when in a car or outside, for finding ways in a new place, searching for the best food places nearby or kids want to play their games on a long road trip. 

 These tech gadgets will easily give up on you with a low battery, but you can travel in preparation, to keep everything charged on your way with a portable car charging adaptor. 

 I can’t imagine my car without it even when in town, never knowing when to take meetings during a field workday, you know!

Car Accessories
13. Flexible Car mount

Google call the officer and tell him, ‘I am driving very safely’! 

 Car mounts ensure safe Samsung phone usage in vehicles and help you stay focused on the road with your GPS navigation, placed in the line with your slight eye rotation. A good quality car mounts accompanied with a Samsung smart assistant, helps you manage no-touch phone usage while driving, easily! 

 Secure your phone and don’t even stray off from your way. 

Home & Decor
14. Phone controlled LED strip - For glow up in the room

If you are a fun-loving person and so into trying new things in your room or office, then you may be interested in LED strip lights. The colorful LED lights bring that light up to your environment and your place, which you will thank yourself for. They are a safe buy, not only in terms of their glowing vibe but also safe around kids and toddlers, they generate the least heat, no danger of electrocution plus no waste until they die due to continuous use, keeping your environment friendly! 

15. Fast Charge Battery pack (powerbank)

You have experienced a painful device shut down due to low battery, every now and then, yes, almost everyone has. If you have internet-enabled mobile devices, then you surely need a power bank, to save your day! The power banks are the best power backups to quickly charge your small devices and also allow maximum mobility while using your device.

16. Samsung Wireless Charger DUO

Charge two devices at a time and save a lot of your time for other activities! 

 Samsung DUO pad is easy to use, charges fast, and smartly makes your desk look decluttered. It is as convenient as dropping your phone on a charging pad and picking it up to answer a call and putting it back without getting into cords and wires. It comes with a non-slip surface to keep your device in place and secure. 

17.Samsung Soundbar - For the movie lover who wants theatre sounds 

DJ, Hit it up with a soundbar! If your giftee is a big-time music geek, then he should be having one of these Samsung Soundbars, their new separate audio channels and sound quality will make their life.

 Also, it will be a bummer if you are thinking of having a movie night without a Samsung soundbar to keep that surround sound effect. 


18. A popsocket - phone grip

Myth: Popsockets only serve a single purpose! 

 If you have ever used a pop socket, you would know it serves a ton of purposes, and make it easier to do simple things like better grip of phone, steady selfies. Sometimes it may also serve as a stand to prop up your phone to record a video or take a conference call without straining your arms and hands, and not to mention, the space around the socket serves as a fit for your wired earphones. 

 Gosh, now who wants more, we can’t get enough of these popsockets in such yummy designs!  


19. Portable Photo printer - Perfect for someone on the go! 

These small and most handy printers ever made, are becoming popular because of their portability, easy-to-use technique, and smudge-proof copies (to keep your memories from getting blurred), which are amazingly supported by your smart devices. 

 These are perfect if the giftee is a traveler and a crafty person, who likes to have pictures and images in tangible form. And guys, these are as competent as bigger printers, you can carry these in a pocket or your bag, easy peasy!

20. UV Phone sanitizer  

Cell phones and gadgets play a medium to 89% of bacteria and germs to grow. And, what could be better than a UV phone sanitizer to disinfect your phones, keys, and other exposed items amid this pandemic. These are proven to be effective against CoronaVirus strains. 

 If you are a social person, who loves to go out, then you can keep your precautionary game up against COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses by protecting and keeping your dirty gadgets clean by disinfecting them with a UV sanitizer. 

 Be smart, stay safe! 

21. Oculus gear VR Headset - For Gamers

You can stop being a couch potato and explore your gaming world with an Oculus VR headset while staying physically active. Virtual reality has made it all fun and enjoyable and creates an experience you can never forget. It is one of my favorite places to play games. Just plop in your smartphone, wear the gear, and jump into the new reality, instantly!

 And to keep you guys updated, Meta (previously Facebook) is expected to launch their VR headsets in the coming years, with a few more enhanced features, so why not be prepared ahead of the future? 

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22. Tile Mate

If you tend to forget your keys, bag, smartphone, or, like me, just keep things in a safe place that even you can’t find that safe place, the Tile Mate is a big boon for us. We have loved Tile products for many years because of their high level of reliability and functionality. It is a tiny bluetooth tracker you can hang on your keychain, slide one into your wallet or connect one to your phone. Mate, will keep the things you’d hate to lose, tracked for you.

 Attach a Tile to it and always find it fast! 

Powering off! 

Tap on any gift item above and stop wondering what you should get for a Samsung fan this Christmas or ever in the whole year for any android lover. Until next time, with more amazing gift ideas! 

We hope you have liked these listings. Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestions, we would love to know what we have missed here or need to improve. 

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