Gift Ideas for Captain America Fans

As the leader of the Avengers, it is hard not to love Captain America. He has so many loving fans all over the world and you might know someone who loves him too. 

Captain America fans deserve the best so here is a list of the best Captain America gifts on the Internet for you to choose from. Don’t forget to grab some items for yourself too while you are at it, you know you can’t resist.

Household Items
1. Captain America Chef Apron

For the chef in your life that loves to cook, a Captain America chef apron with a famous line from Cap himself is a great gift. 

If there is one thing you can count on Steve Rogers for is that he will never give up, whether it is standing up to his enemy or cooking up some fire food in the kitchen. 

Household Items
2. Captain America Candle

Ever wondered what Steve Rogers smells like? He smells like soft flannel, crisp citrus, woods, musk, and a hint of vanilla. This candle is handcrafted and eco-friendly, so you can be a hero and help save the world like Rogers and give this unique gift at the same time. Who says being a superhero is tough? 


Household Items
3. Captain America Canvas Print

Decorate your home with the best superhero with this Cap canvas print. This wall decor is sure to save the day with its incredible texture and depth.

Household Items
4. Captain America Coloring Book

For the artist in your life, a Captain America coloring book is the perfect gift. Steve Rogers was an artist before becoming a superhero, unleashing artistic skills might make you a superhero one day too. Who knows? 


Household Items
5. Captain America Mug

What’s better than one Captain America? Multiple Captain America’s! This mug has a full wrap around Rogers’ face. Seeing his face might inspire you to be a hero for the day and be like Cap himself. Especially if you drink some of the serum. 

Household Items
6. Captain America Wine Tumbler

Although Captain America cannot drink and get drunk, you might have a wine enthusiast in your life that would love a new wine tumbler. This tumbler is double insulated and has a hole for easy sipping. Cap does not judge so go ahead and take a drink (or two) for him.

7. Captain America Wallet

Genuine, slim, and elegant not only describe Captain America but also this wallet. It is made of genuine leather and effectively blocks RFID signals so that your important cards do not get stolen. You will not have to be fighting anyone in any alley because someone stole your cards or your secret identity. 

8. Captain America and Bucky Rings

If you have a friendship like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, this is the perfect gift. ‘Til the end of the Line’ is a quote that encapsulates the bond between them and would make your best friend see that you are a loyal friend and that they mean a lot to you. 

9. Captain America Headphones

Listen to your favorite music on these Captain America headphones. Whether it is popular Steve Rogers old timey music or some good ol’ jazz, these are perfect for any music lover for any music of any century.

10. Captain America Car Cup Holder

Every superhero needs to drive in style. With this LED color changing cup holder, your drink will be illuminated on your drive whether you are on your way to work, see your best friend, or just show it off to Tony Stark. 

11. Captain America Notebook

Whether you want to journal or draw yourself in the notebook like Steve did in Captain America: The First Avenger, this gift is great for the writer or drawer in your life. 


12. Captain America Inspirational Quote Book

A Captain America fan might know many of his famous lines from the movies, but what about inspirational quotes? Captain America has always led by example and fights for what is right and now you can carry his wisdom with this book anywhere you go. 

13.  Captain America Blanket

If you can’t get a shield, get a blanket with a shield on it. This one will help you fight off sleep paralysis demons or aliens to save the Earth. Plus, who doesn’t love a good blanket? 

14. Captain America Bike Helmet

Be an American superhero with this Captain America bike helmet. A Captain America bike helmet is recommended when you are biking or fighting enemies. 


15. Captain America Shield

End all wars with this highly detailed Captain America collector shield. This shield has adjustable straps so that you can wear the shield like Captain America does when fighting for justice. 

16. Captain America Gym Shirt

When Captain America is not fighting enemies, he’s probably getting ripped working out. This Captain America gym shirt might inspire you to get your body moving and get ripped like Thor – er, I mean Cap. 


17. Captain America 4th of July Tank Top

Steve Rogers being born on 4th of July makes him the perfect man to fight under the star-spangled banner. This tank top will give you superhero powers all year round. 


18. Captain America Face Mask

Fight off germs and airborne pathogens with this Captain America face mask. This stylish mask will receive lots of compliments! 

19. Captain America Suitcase

Fly in style with a Captain America Suitcase. Although Cap does not have the ability to fly under his own power, he can fly on a plane and probably would use this suitcase if he needed to. 


20. Captain America Boxing Gloves

Steve spends a lot of time wrestling with his inability to protect everyone and hates losing. But you can win by taking your superhero training to the next level with these boxing gloves. 


21.  Captain America Funko POP!

If the recipient of your gift enjoys collectibles, a Funko POP! would be a great gift. There are so many that you can choose from but we all know Captain America is the most important member of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


22. Captain America Classic Bust

Steve Rogers could never have fully understood the decision he made when he agreed to undergo Dr Erskine’s Super Soldier procedure. Although he was not a perfect solider, he was a good man. Proudly display the Cap bust anywhere in your home. 


23. Captain America Watch

This dual fastening wristband watch features his classic vibranium shield. If the recipient of your gift is brave like Captain America, they will love this watch. When you are off defeating HYDRA you will look stylish with this watch, but you might not be able to check the time of the fight. 

24. Captain America Vinyl SODA

This collectible will add a nice twist to your collection. The Vinyl Soda can includes a vinyl figure of Zombie Captain America and Pog-inspired collectible disc. Do not worry, you will not get infected by the quantum virus and be turned into a zombie (unless Hank Pym is around). 


25. Captain America Super Soldier Serum

This fake Captain America super soldier serum will make a nice addition to your shelf. So don’t try to inject this, you will not get any superhuman abilities or get any taller.


The Bottom Line

There are so many great gifts to choose from to give to a Captain America Fan. From household items to collectibles, any of these are guaranteed to make them happy. If not, you might get inspired to find something else that better suits them. Whatever It Takes. 

Captain America is dearly missed by many. Check out the video below when you feel you need some inspiration from the man himself.