Welcome to our list of the best gift ideas for campers. Camping is like living indoors, only outdoors. Campers may love the great outdoors but there are still some home comforts that they can experience even when they are waking up under canvas in some remote part of nature. They are hardy souls with a love of the freedom that camping brings. In our cultivated list of gifts for campers, we are sure you will find the perfect gift or gifts for your camping buddy. 

Before we set up camp and delve into the list, let’s take a quick look at some fun camping facts:

  • It is estimated that 14% of Ameicans go camping. That’s an astonishing 42 million people. 
  • If you have trouble sleeping for more than a month, go camping. It has been shown to reset your body clock.
  • Campers spend an average 130 USD on their first camping trip.
  • Millennials are the largest camping generation at the moment.
  • July and August are the most popular months for camping.

Those were our camping facts. We hope you learned some cool facts to astonish your camping fan buddies. 

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of camping gift delights.

1. LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM

he dark for years to come and it will all be because of you and your thoughtful gift. The LED bulbs are 100lm and your camper friend will recognize the quality. Well done. 

2. Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

I once had a dream where I was camping and I had a chair with a 4 can cooler…..WAIT. It is no longer a dream? This foldable camp chair with 4 can capacity cooler is now a reality and available for you to gift to your camper buddy. It has a fully cushioned seat and backrest and will be the envy of the campsite. 

3. Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set - 24oz Kettle with 2 Cups

What does every good camper need? A great chef! Well, we can’t promise that but with this set of cookware, we can provide the gift of cooking. This set of a kettle, cups, and cooking pot with foldable handle, this gift item is all anyone needs to survive or to live and thrive (dependent on cooking skills) in any place or campsite. If you cook it well, they will come. 

4. Allied Tools

I went camping once and my car broke down. A friendly camper came along and whipped out his tiny little tool box and I thought, “I need to phone roadside rescue!” Half an hour later he had repaired and restarted my car with his tiny tool kit. That day I learned a valuable lesson, always have someone with you that knows about cars. The other lesson I learned was, small tool kits can give a mighty punch. I now never go camping without my toolkit. This toolkit is impressive and will give the opportunity to fix just about anything. (Space shuttles not included)

5. Camping Coffee Pot

Mmmm…..do I smell coffee? No? Why Not! 

It’s because you didn’t buy this camper’s coffee pot. Nothing starts the day like a steaming hot cuppa joe. Any camping trip worth its weight in coffee beans should always start with coffee. Here we have the camping coffee pot that will fix your morning java in an instant. Did we mention it is a 9 cup capacity? Yup. Now you’re interested. 

6. First Aid Kit

Bad things happen to good people. Even if it’s only a bee sting or a bramble cut. That’s why it is vitally important to always carry a first aid kit with you. This compact and fully functional first aid kit can be taken anywhere. In the car, in the tent, in the backpack. You will never be unprepared with this genius little sidekick. This is exactly what your camper friend wants and needs.

7. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

I sometimes think that technology has gone too far but then I see things like deep freeze hardbody coolers and think…no, we have gone just far enough. This cooler offers everything a camper could want to turn them from just a camper into a happy camper. Superior quality and long lasting freezing and chilling. This is what they deserve as a camping gift.

8. Superior Trading Co. All Natural Fire Starter 10-15 Minute Burn for BBQ, Campfire

I once started to light a fire when I was a cub scout. It didn’t go well. This pack of all-natural fire starters would have saved a lot of time and I would now have a ‘fire lighting’ badge for my cub scout sweater. These little beauties are amazing. There are 50 of the little suckers and they are naturally made and will get a campfire, fire pit or BBQ up and running in 10-15 minutes. Plus, they are smokeless and odorless. Amazing gift idea!

9. Personalised Marshmallow Extendable Roasting Stick

Who wants S’mores? Silly question. Everyone wants more S’mores. 

This gift idea of personalizable roasting sticks is a winner. They are extendable and available in a choice of colors. Even better they can be personalized with names or initials. Go wild and get this set of roasting sticks for your camper buddy. Make sure you put your name on one of them, though. S’mores are your right too!

10. Outdoors Fleece Blanket

When I was a child my grandma would always travel with a thick tartan blanket and I would think ‘WOW, she must be sooo old!’ Now I am an adult, I miss my grandma and her tartan blanket. This gift idea is exactly that. (not my Grandma!) A thick tartan blanket that is waterproof, windproof and machine washable. (My grandma was all of those except machine washable.) This is exactly what everybody needs for those colder nights around the campfire or in the tent. You will be blessed with a thousand kisses if you gift this to your camper buddy. 

11. Cleanwaste Toilet

I’m gonna keep this one short. We all need to poop! This genius toilet in a bag will look after you. Completely environmentally friendly and disposable. Just do your stuff and wrap it and bag it! As I said, we don’t need to dwell on this…… Moving on!

12. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is what everyone needs on a camping trip! A portable bluetooth speaker to play your choice of music. If you don’t have this then you will get people like me, guitar players wanting to play Kumbaya around the campfire! This wonderful piece of kit has a 66ft bluetooth range and is water resistant and wireless. It will also, as I said, keep acoustic guitar players away. That’s worth the money alone! 

13.Solar Power Bank Portable Charger

Have you ever had your cell phone die on you? Of course, you have! You’re only human. Don’t you hate that?! Here is the way that it never happens again to you or your camper buddy. This solar-powered portable charger will never let you down. No more need for electrical sockets or anything. We are now dealing with just the sun. It will charge multiple devices, cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. at the same time and you only have to pay for the sunlight…… WHICH IS FREE! Winner!

14.Outdoor Windproof Lighter

If you want to bring the fire then this is where you start. A waterproof lighter that’s also windproof. If you have ever attempted to light anything in the rain, wind or bad weather, you will know the frustration that it brings. I recently tried to light a BBQ in a light breeze and I wished I had this piece of kit with me. It is USB chargeable and will be a steadfast and solid companion through all types of weather. This gift is golden.

Clothing & Apparel
15.Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults

The camper is an extraordinary creature. They are all-weather critters but who wants to get soaked in a downpour? These disposable rain ponchos are a gift that they will love you for. They cover the wearer in a protective outer layer and won’t let them down when the weather is just not playing ball. These emergency protective clothing are the bee’s knees and will keep campers protected.

Clothing & Apparel
16.Master of The Campfire T-Shirt
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17.Camper Travel Journal

Memories are like marbles, they soon run away. With this leather bound camping journal no memories will disappear. Let’s face it, unless we have a reason most people won’t fill in the shopping list. This beautifully crafted journal makes it so much easier to want to fill in the dates, times, occasions, and details of what happened on their latest adventure into the great outdoors. A classy gift.

18.The Camping Life: Inspiration and Ideas for Endless Adventures

This gift idea is for the seasoned camper or the novice camper. It tells and teaches anyone about the joys of camping and the possibilities of this popular pastime. There are many activities overlooked when we think about camping. This book will explain all of the possibilities and go into in depth explanation about what you can do whilst away from modern society. A reliable source of information that will be used as a reference book for years to come.

19.Easy Campfire Cooking: 200+ Family Fun Recipes for Cooking Over Coals and In the Flames

Cooking over a campfire is an amazing experience but people think that all that is available are beans and reheated food. That simply is not the truth. The reality is that a scrumptious array of cuisine can be created over the glowing coals. If there are 200 plus recipes in the book, that means that there is a whole world of new culinary tastes to be experienced. This recipe book will lead them through the essence of campfire cuisine. 

20.Camp Cocktails: Easy, Fun, and Delicious Drinks for the Great Outdoors

After the walk has been completed and the food has been cooked, how about a campfire cocktail. This great gift idea will teach any amateur barkeep (Mixologist) how to mix up the perfect nightcap after a hard slog through the wilderness. Party time is only a matter of mind, not location.

Home & Decor
21.Camping DoorMat - Happy Campers - Personalized Doormat 

When the camper is back home, that doesn’t mean that they are not still campers at heart. This personalized doormat is no walkover. It will show just how dedicated this family is to the camper lifestyle. Whenever they come home and wipe their feet on this gift item, they will remember the heartfelt and thoughtful gift that you gifted them. Priceless. 

Home & Decor
22.Lakeside Camping Art Print

We all decorate our homes, office spaces etc. with art or posters with our favorite images, hopes, dreams or imaginings. This gift idea will keep the happy camper happy even when they aren’t able to be out in the unknown camping their hearts out. Wall hangable and easily affixed, this is an amazing gift to give.

Home & Decor
23.Mountain Enamel Mug, 13oz Adventure Together Camping Cup

One of the symbols of the camping spirit is the enamel mug. It is a stalwart of movies and the pioneer spirit that pushes the camping ideal on and on. This gift of an enamel camping mug is perfect. The fact that it is personalizable is even better. Names, quotes or a secret message on the base is an added bonus. Camping is better with secret messages.

Home & Decor
24.Camping Tools Stainless Steel Metal Pint Tumbler

This gift idea is perfect for the campfire party. A set of stainless steel metal tumblers that you can raise to say ‘Cheers’ to a great day of camping. When the sun is setting on another great day in the arms of nature, it is time to raise a glass, or stainless steel pint, with friends or family and toast the joys of life. This gift idea is going to be toasted as often as you are for gifting it. 

Home & Decor
25.We Sleep Around Can Coolers

Camping stubbies provide protection from the heat of the campfire and are a quirky and chic way of keeping soft drinks (or any other canned drinks) cool whilst entertaining the crowd with their cheeky design. They are available in a choice of colors so the choice is yours to compliment your camper buddy’s tastes. A funny and heartfelt gift idea.

That was our comprehensive list of gift ideas for campers. We hope you found it useful and found the perfect items for your camping buddy. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and stories in the comments section. We love to read your messages. 

Before we go, let’s have a quick recap of some of our personal favorites from the gift ideas list:

  • The portable bluetooth speaker is a booming great idea. It’s all about the music.
  • The foldable chair with built in 4 can cooler will be well received. Like a throne only smaller.
  • The windproof and waterproof USB lighter will impress anyone. The power to create fire in any weather conditions is a superpower.
  • The camping coffee pot is a favorite with us as, who can survive without good coffee?
  • The camping tool kit has to be a winner. Just having it available would make me feel like I have everything under control. 

That’s all for this time. Until next time, keep your sleeping bag dry and your stomach full. Happy camping!