Call of Duty is a first-person shooter that is now legendary in the gaming world. It first appeared in 2003 and was primarily focused on World War II. But the franchise has evolved over the years and versions of the game have been also set in outer space, futuristic worlds, and even deep in the midst of a cold war. The appeal of the game to Call of Duty fans is the tactical warfare that they have to master and the team ethics that bring people together online.

Before we look at our deep dive into the gift ideas for fans of Call of Duty, let’s (like a sniper) take a sneak peek at some facts and figures surrounding this monolith of gaming history.

Call of Duty Facts: The Breakdown

  1. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare, made 775 million dollars in its first five days. That’s more than even the biggest Hollywood movie can come close to.
  1. Apparently, the hours logged daily worldwide playing Call of Duty are in the region of 2000 years. That’s a long time!
  1. If you add up all of the time that gamers have played Call of Duty since its release, it would add up to almost 3 million years of gaming time. That’s an even longer time than the last fact.
  1. 100 million gamers have played Call of Duty and that means with their online military skills, they could credibly be the world’s biggest army.
  1. Modern Warfare is the fastest selling game ever. An astonishing 8.8 million copies in its first month. Incredible!

With all those huge numbers in tow, it is easy to see why the Call of Duty series of games has such a massive fanbase. Are you ready to explore the best gift ideas for Call of Duty fans?

Grab your weapons, we’re going in!

Home & Decor
1. Exclusive Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty has spawned so many collectibles (many of which we will look at in this list) and this collectible mug is no exception. A classic design in classic colors with the ‘Gulag Survivor’ logo that every COD fan knows well. This mug will sit beside the recipient for years to come, through gaming adventures or coffee mornings, or business meetings. A COD worthy gift idea.

Home & Decor
2. Call of Duty Black Ops - Abstract Canvas Art Print

Wall art prints featuring the instantly recognizable COD theme and logo are always going to be a massive hit with any COD fan. This set of 5 framed art prints would look amazing on the wall of any bedroom, dorm room, or home office. Dramatic and dark, they sum up the theme of the continuing COD game theme and any hard-core gamer will adore them.

Home & Decor
3. Call of Duty 3D Wall Hanging Tapestries

A 3D wall tapestry featuring the COD game. It’s a totally rad idea. This huge wall tapestry is a sight to behold. It will hide an ugly wall in dormitories or simply be a feature wall in a bedroom for any COD gamer fan. Its 3D design will blow people away (much like the game) and it truly will be a conversation starter that keeps on giving. Gift this and you will receive thank you letters and emails all the year-round.

Gadgets & Devices
4. Personalised headphone stand for fans Call of Duty

What does every COD gamer need apart from more hours in the day to play their beloved game? They need somewhere to hang their headphones. This personalized headphone stand is COD branded and you can include their name or Gamertag on the stand. A great gift idea to keep their headphones tangle-free and in working order when not being used to rally their troops during combat.

Gadgets & Devices
5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare LED light in green

One of the things that fans of the COD series love are when they switch to night vision mode on their weapons. The world lights up in green and they feel invisible and invincible. This LED COD lamp will light up their room in the same green hue that night vision does. Illuminate their world and their lives with this amazing COD lamp.

Home & Decor
6. Call of Duty Personalized Deep Engraved Pint Glass

When the heat of battle is drying your throat and you need to give orders to your troops it’s important to keep hydrated. What better way than to have your favorite beverage in your favorite pint glass, wine glass, stemless wine glass, or whisky glass. The added bonus with this gift idea is that it can be personalized with the player’s Gamertag underneath the laser-etched Call of Duty logo. This gift item will be lovingly received and used on a daily basis.

Gadgets & Devices
7. Call of Duty Warzone LED RGB Lamp

Gamers not only love the game but also the game logos and everything else related to the game. This LED Call of Duty Wall hanging doubles up as a night lamp. It illuminates different choices of colors that can be changed at the touch of a button and the intensity of the light can also be controlled. What better way to show the love of COD and to light the game room or bedroom or home bar than this great gift item?

Home & Decor
8. Call of Duty Broken Skull Camo Reversible Matching Bedding Set

An officially licensed product for the COD fan in your life that is essential for their bedroom. It includes one reversible duvet cover, one pillowcase, and a fitted sheet. The COD skull is emblazoned on the duvet on one side and a more neutral design features on the other side. This gift set will look impressive on the bed of COD aficionados. 

Home & Decor
9. Call of Duty Zombie Perks shot Etched Glasses set of 4

This set of laser-etched shot glasses are the perfect gift for an adult COD fan. With their heavy base and perfectly balanced design, they are a real talking point. Whether the shot is something strong or just an espresso shot, the gamer in your life will have the perfect sidekick to down their drink. A very classy gift idea.

Home & Decor
10.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Neoprene Rubber Mouse Pad

This high-quality gaming mouse pad is specifically created for gaming with its thick rubber non-slip base. The mouse pad is machine washable so the blood, sweat, and tears (or spilled drinks) of COD gaming can be erased in a single wash. Even better, the COD Modern Warfare image is guaranteed not to fade and to remain bright and vivid for its lifetime of use. Suitable for COD fans and anyone with a computer. 

Home & Decor
11. Call of duty COD - Gaming Cake Topper

Perfect for a Birthday celebration cake, this COD cake topper can be personalized with the age of the recipient and also a heartfelt or humorous Birthday message. With its COD logo and picture, this gift idea is great for a COD fans-themed birthday party or celebration. Make it a birthday to remember with this cake topper.

Home & Decor
12. Call-of-Duty Modern-Warfare Warm 3D Printed Throw Blanket

Even the most battle-weary gamer needs a little warmth and comfort from time to time and this snuggly flannel COD throw will give them that warmth and comfort whenever they want it. It comes branded with the COD Modern Warfare logo and is available in three different sizes. This gift item will give them comfort like a loving hug from you.

Home & Decor
13. Call of Duty Coasters

These four COD-designed wooden coasters are handmade and personalizable. Have their name, a message, or some words of wisdom printed onto them for no extra cost. They will protect their desk or table surfaces from heat damage or liquid marks just like the brave little soldiers that they are. Great for the office, living room, or bedroom. A thoughtful gift idea.

Clothes & Accessories
14. Bioworld Call of Duty: WWII Gift Box Set

This presentation gift box is a must-have for all fans of Call of Duty. The ‘ammo box’ design includes a beanie Hat, Wallet, Keychain & Lanyard. All branded with COD and very collectible. This is a great gift idea for gamers to wear and use or to have as part of their collection and keep for the future. The choice is yours but you will be loved for this gift.

Clothes & Accessories
15. Call of Duty Black Ops Warfare Gift Bundle

This COD gift bundle ticks so many boxes, it feels like we’ve taken a headshot in COD. Including beanie hat, wallet, and warming war socks, this gift bundle will be cherished and used often. Who doesn’t need another pair of socks or a warming beanie hat or a second wallet? Especially if they are COD branded beauties!

Clothes & Accessories
16. Ray Gun COD Zombies - Enamel Pin

Our next gift idea is an ultra-cool enamel pin featuring a ray gun from COD. Every COD fan will recognize this ray gun as one of the best weapons from their arsenal to battle and kill the zombie hordes that they would have battled hundreds of times before. Bring a touch of Call of Duty to any outfit with this colorfully designed pin. They will have a little piece of COD with them at all times. Suitable for all ages and everyone. 

Clothes & Accessories
17. Call of Duty Skull Ghosts Hooded Hoodie Sweatshirt

The humble hoodie always stands proud in our lists of the best gift ideas as they are so useful and (let’s face it) everyone owns a hoodie. This COD hoodie has kangaroo pockets to warm the hands or to store belongings and has the beautifully designed skull logo from COD Ghosts. With a black hoodie and white-colored logo and lettering, this gift idea will make the owner the talk of the neighborhood. Definitely in a good way!

Clothes & Accessories
18. Call of Duty Breathable Comfortable Face Mask

Even when not playing their beloved Call of Duty, the gamer still likes to show their allegiance by having branded items. These breathable face masks with COD designs printed on them are worth their weight in gold. They will protect the wearer whilst showing their love of the game without saying a word. An invaluable gift idea.

Clothes & Accessories
19. Call Of Duty Boy's Brown Cameo Crosshairs Icon Analogue Watch

Anytime is a good time to play COD. This gift item will tell the player fans the actual time while being fashionable, in trend, and COD branded. This ‘no frills’ watch is sturdy and does its job to the highest standard. It looks classy and comes with a presentation box and a one-year guarantee. A perfect gift for any Call of Duty player. 

Clothes & Accessories
20. Call Of Duty Keyring

If they are a COD fan then this will be an impressive and welcomed gift. The keyring itself is made from metal, vinyl, and fabric, sporting a distinctive camo pattern. It also features a heavy-duty metal clip to secure it to their clothing if needed. This gift item will keep their keys safe and secure whilst showing off their gaming goals and love for Call of Duty. Their friends will be jealous when they see them take this out of their pocket. 

Clothes & Accessories
21. Call of Duty Skull Wallet - MW3 Camo

This bi-fold faux leather wallet is an essential gift idea to show off their favorite game. Its original graphics and design will ensure they never leave home without their wallet ever again as they will be very keen for people to see the glory of their gift. Keeps the money and cards safe apart from being a highly desirable item.

Clothes & Accessories
22. Call of Duty - Black ops Logo Baseball Cap

The quintessential design and enduring fashion of baseball caps mean that it is a perfect partner for sports teams, musical groups, movies, and now computer games with unique branding featured on them. This breathable baseball hat is branded with The Call of Duty logo, and the fans of COD now have one more accessory to show their love for the game. Plus it is useful for keeping the sun out of their eyes and also to feel part of the COD community. Classic design for a classic game.

Books, Games & Stationery
23. 50pcs Gaming Call of Duty - Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

With these COD vinyl stickers, the gamer in your life can decorate their most used items with their favorite games designs and logos. Great for personalizing school books, folders, water bottles, laptops, and just about anything they want to. They are waterproof so they will stick and stay stuck to any item. COD fans will love these 50 individual laser-cut stickers.

Books, Games & Stationery
24. Mega Construx Call of Duty Special Ops Copter Construction Set with character figures

This gift idea is a buildable transport helicopter from the COD universe. Call of Duty fans can now build their own special ops chopper as a display collectible or to play with (I think we would do both). The model has rotating blades and an opening cockpit with a stealth camo finish, just like the ones featured in the COD games. Any true fan of the games will love to build their own creation and then let it take place of pride in their collectibles or, as we said, simply enjoy playing with it. 

Books, Games & Stationery
25. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - The Official Comic Collection

Call of Duty has not only spawned different games but also a comic book series. Here we present a collated comic series consisting of 10 issues in one single book. The comic series works in collaboration with the game creator Activision and features the iconic characters of the specialists of the black ops universe. When the computer or games console gets turned off, then it’s time to open up the pages of the comic book and enjoy reading their thrilling adventures.

Books, Games & Stationery
26. Funko POP Action Figure : Call of Duty - Woods

Another collectible gift idea from the people at Funko POP. This recreation of COD character Frank Woods is just one of many characters from COD that Funko has recreated. This would look fantastic on the COD fan’s collectible shelves. Showing off just how much of a superfan they truly are of this iconic game. 

Books, Games & Stationery
27.	Call of Duty: Free-for-All Card Game

Another COD spin-off is this new Call of Duty-free for all cardgame. Suitable for 3 to 8 players, this table card game adds a new dimension to the COD universe and gameplay. Players have to keep their health points to survive and win the game. This gift idea is suitable for ages 17 and up. Playing COD online or on a console is strategic and this game is no different. Strategy counts for everything in the COD world. A great gift item for a party or a gathering of friends. All is fair in love and war, except losing. Losing is for losers. 

That’s a Wrap

That was our deep ‘dive bomb’ into the world of gift ideas for Call of Duty fans. We think that there are some superb and spectacular gift items there. Some of our favorites are:

The call of duty wall art prints. If we had known about them, they would be up on the office wall right now!

The Call of Duty drinks coasters. Those guys are amazing and everyone has a favorite.

The official comic collection is a big hit with us. We love comics and this collection just wraps everything up perfectly for any fan of C.O.D.

There is also something so satisfying about the special ops stealth chopper that you have to build yourself. Many COD fans would love to attempt and display it proudly.

We hope our list of Call of Duty gift ideas is inspiring enough for you to make that correct choice. Also, we would love to hear your stories, thoughts, and ideas about our gift list or the reaction when you gave the gift or gifts to that special person.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section as we love to read them.

Until next time, keep your head down. You never know where the snipers are aiming!

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