It is hard not to love Russian spy, Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow. Although she doesn’t have any superpowers of her own, she positions herself very well among the Avengers and the MCU.

Do you know someone who is a Black Widow fan? We put together the following list of some amazing Black Widow gifts that would be loved by a fan.

Clothing & Accessories
1. Black Widow Sleep Pants

After a hard day of fighting Hydra, Black Widow needs to get comfortable and relax in her Black Widow sleep pants. The graphic print of Black Widow’s logo is on the pants which makes them a perfect addition to any fan’s sleepwear collection. 


Clothing & Accessories
2. Black Widow Beanie

Every spy needs a cool black beanie! This Black Widow beanie features the logo on the front. It is lowkey so don’t worry, you won’t get caught in action on your mission. 


Clothing & Accessories
3. Black Widow Wrist Stingers

When Black Widow isn’t using her guns in a fight, her favorite weapon is “Widow’s Bite” which is her two bracelets on each wrist that can discharge a high-frequency electrostatic bolt of 30,000 volts. You can now wear these wrist stingers and pretend to deliver powerful electrical discharges.

Clothing & Accessories
4. Black Widow Makeup Bag

Looking for a meaningful gift for a Black Widow fan? This is great for any makeup lover in your life because it features an inspirational message. Black Widow seems to not wear that much makeup but she does like to keep it simple. 


Clothing & Accessories
5. Black Widow Everyday Tote Bag

Embrace Black Widow in everyday life with this awesome tote. Carry all your gadgets and essentials with you in the tote bag when you are on the way to training at the Red Room.


Clothing & Accessories
6. Black Widow Costume

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear Black Widow’s costume? Now you can with this Black Widow jumpsuit costume! However, don’t expect to automatically be a trained martial artist or gymnast once you put it on but you can definitely practice in it!


Clothing & Accessories
7. Black Widow Costume Accessories

Playing dress up is fun, and when you want to dress up like Black Widow, you can accessorize with this set. This set includes: 1 pair of Widow’s Bites bracelets; 1 arrow necklace; 1 Natasha Romanoff Shield ID badge; and 1 Shield iron-on patch. 


Clothing & Accessories
8. Black Widow Business Card Holder

Although Black Widow doesn’t need to carry around a business card to prove who she is, someone in your life who does have business cards would love this Black Widow card holder. This is a great and fun way to show your love of comics and Black Widow.


Clothing & Accessories
9. Black Widow Cat Collar

Does your Black Widow friend have a cat or a kitten? They can also wear some Black Widow gear with this cat collar. Your little sidekick will be ready to help you fight crime in style. 


Clothing & Accessories
10. Black Widow License Plate Frame

Drive around the city looking for villains in style by showing off your love for Black Widow. This black license plate frame says Natasha Romanoff at the top and Team Black Widow on the bottom. 


11. Black Widow Red Guardian Serum

Black Widow was injected with Super-Soldier serum, just like Steve Rogers which turned him into Captain America. However, Black Widow does not have superhuman ability but she is an amazing fighter. Now you too can own this serum, and no you can’t inject this and turn into an Avenger.


12. Black Widow Comic Book

A true Black Widow fan should have the comic book that focuses on Natasha Romanoff’s tale from the beginning. The story of Romanoff’s evolution from her days as a Russian spy to her action-packed fights in the Marvel Universe are portrayed here. 


13. Black Widow WOW! PODS Light-Up Figure

Collect and display your Black Widow WOW! PODS light-up figure! Simply swipe across the sensor to light your WOW! POD using your hand. There are other Avengers you can choose from but this super spy is one of the greatest of all time. 


14. Black Widow Boxing Gloves

Ready for your training? Throw some powerful punches with these Black Widow boxing gloves. Unleash your power by practicing some moves or you can just put it up for display.


Household Items
15. Black Widow Candle Set

It’s no secret that Black Widow and Hawkeye have shared a lot of history together and have a great relationship. Show your love for Black Widow and Hawkeye with this Marvel-themed candle set!

Household Items
16. Black Widow Ballet Dancer Three Panel Wall Art

It is suggested that one of Natasha Romanoff’s talents is ballet. She has difficulty remembering her memories, including being a ballerina, but it is something she practiced. This wall art features Black Widow as a ballet dancer and can be a great decoration for someone’s home. It might even inspire you to get started dancing in your living room!


Household Items
17. Black Widow Tumbler

Going on missions is a lot of work and it’s important to stay hydrated. This Black Widow tumbler is perfect for taking your water or beverage of choice when you are on the go. 


Household Items
18. Black Widow Blender Bottle

A healthy lifestyle is needed when you are a superhero spy. Take your preworkout, meal replacement, or a smoothie on the go with this Black Widow Blender bottle. You will be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle no matter where in the world you are. 


Household Items
19. Black Widow Inspired Oven Mitt

Natasha Romanoff has the healthiest diet out of the Avengers and has tried many dishes from all over the world. You can get inspired to cook a healthy meal with this Black Widow inspired oven mitt. 


Toys & Activities
20. Black Widow with Motorcycle

A sleek agent with the wheels to match, Natasha Romanoff cruises into action as Black Widow. With this 6-inch-scale Black Widow figure and Motorcycle vehicle, fans can imagine recreating the arcs from some of their favorite comics.


Toys & Activities
21. Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase LEGO

Who doesn’t love to play LEGO’s? No matter what age, have fun building this Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase LEGO. Pretend you are on an intense mission with this LEGO set. 


Toys & Activities
22. Black Widow with 1966 Chevy Corvette Stingray

What’s cooler than a Black Widow action figure? One with a classic car inspired by Black Widow herself! This is a must for any Black Widow collector. 


Toys & Activities
23.  Black Widow Batons

Natasha can do some serious damage with her batons! Similar to her widow bites, the batons are also electrically charged, as seen in the Avengers movies. Proudly display them on your shelf or use them as a prop. 


Toys & Activities
24.  Black Widow Popular Custom Bobblehead With Engraved Text

Impress the gift recipient with a custom Black Widow bobblehead! You can now look like your favorite superhero with this custom bobblehead. If you have always wanted to look like a super spy and agent, this is as close as you can get. 


Toys & Activities
25. Black Widow Movie Poster

Movie posters are fun to hang in any room in the home. This Black Widow movie poster will look great anywhere in the home. Black Widow is the second to be introduced into the MCU, right after Tony Stark, which makes her a mainstay of the series. Proudly hang the movie poster that shares new information about Natasha’s background and perspective. 


The Bottom Line

That was our curated list of the best gift ideas for Black Widow fans. We hope you found this helpful and now have a better idea of what to gift your Black Widow fan. 

Whichever you decide to choose, whether something small like a candle or something bigger like the batons, they will be sure to treasure your Black Widow-themed gift. Don’t worry, you got this. 

In the meantime, watch this video below of Natasha Romanoff being a poser for 3 minutes. 

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