We all have favorite items. 

And no matter how much you claim that you can’t pick a favorite movie, there’s one that is constantly on your re-watch list. 

For many, that movie translates to the Black Panther phenomenon. 

In light of the knowledge of how particular the movie was to so many people, we’ve got a whole list featuring gifts for Black Panther fans. 

From fans who love to show off their favorite things to fans who prefer not to put so much emphasis on themselves, we’re sure to have gifts that fit anyone. 

Home & Decor
1.Black Panther Blue Neon Lights 

In the Black Panther Movie, blue wasn’t only used to symbolize danger and cliffhanger scenes, but it was also the lighting used in most of the movie.

 That’s enough to make any die-hard Black Panther fan get obsessed with blue lighting. Even if for just a little while.

 By gifting someone blue neon lights, your gift carries a hidden meaning that only those who loved the movie may have understood.

 If not for that, blue lights, or any colored lights, give a cozy and unique atmosphere to a room, so that’s a double gift, or at least a double interpretation.

Home & Decor
2. Black Panther Poster

Have you ever gone out to the movies and the movie poster of what you’re going to see is so cool that you wish you could just take it home?

 Well, now you can, along with additional details about the movie.

 And no, I definitely don’t mean to encourage you to steal the display at the cinema. Instead, get your very own.

 A movie poster will not only allow you to display your favorite fandom, but it will also help you stay on top of your facts about the movie, so you’re never wrong in an argument about it.


Fan Art
3. Black Panther Movie Screenplay

Who wouldn’t love to hold a physical copy of something they love, whatever that is?

 A script containing the screenplay of a movie could easily make this dream come true, bringing the characters on the screen to palpable paper sheets.

 What’s more, gifting someone a screenplay could be the nudge they need to get into reading, as it is always easier to start with something you’re already familiar with than anything completely random.

 Remember, when it comes to gifting someone a screenplay, you don’t need to stick to the paperback format suggested here. Choose any format you know the other will enjoy and get creative with making it special. 


4. Black Panthers Funko Pop

A Pop! figure is a very versatile gift because it can either sit on someone’s shelf as a collectible, decorate their desk, or pretty much anything else.

 It can also work as a toy but normally, these collectible things never leave their box. 

 As you’ve probably understood by now, if you gift this item with a specific use in mind, it probably isn’t a great choice. 

 However, this shouldn’t stop you from gifting this to someone and seeing what they do with it. 

5. Black Panther Shoelaces

Shoe latches are something everyone needs, so why not make this essential item something to be cherished? 

 That’s achievable by getting shoe latches featuring your favorite movie, character, or your favorite book. 

 That’s exactly what this option suggests, giving you a discreet way of carrying something special with you. 

 Also, this will surely make for a useful gift, especially for someone who is always tripping because their shoes are untied. 

Home & Decor
6. Giant Wall Decal of Black Panther

You finally have the wall color of your dreams… but it still feels like something is missing. 

 You try every exotic wall decoration there is, but in the end, it always comes down to one thing… 

 Wall art. Who knew something so simple could be just what you needed? 

 Whether you’re gifting this because you feel like someone’s wall is too naked, or simply because you know they will love it, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

Jewelry, Sort Of
7. Wakanda King Ring 

Do you ever re-watch movies only to record all of the little details you may have missed? 

 You’re definitely not alone there. 

 Something as small as a ring may be easy to miss but a big fan of any movie will notice the smallest things. 

 So if this is something you caught, it will be the perfect meaningful gift to show someone you paid attention to their favorite movie. 

Phone Cases
8. Black Panther iPhone Case

Having basically our entire lives on these small devices (well, not so small anymore), we want to make sure that they’re protected. 

 Doing that doesn’t have to feel dull or like a chore. 

 In fact, doing so can look like anything, but the most common phone protection is a phone case. 

 This can be simple and plain or feature anything you love through endless personalization options. 

9. Wakanda Forever

Stickers are a tough topic for anyone. 

 Why? Because they give you the responsibility of either choosing to keep them intact or find a perfect place for them. 

 Still, stickers are a purchase where you don’t really need to worry about the size or personalization. 

 You know you’re bound to find something both you and the gift receiver like.

Jewelry, Sort Of
10. Black Panther Cufflinks

Want an easy way to bring something you like to a formal event? 

 Cufflinks are the way to go.

 These are usually small objects that don’t really hold much weight. 

 Well, unless you count on the fact that they make for a pretty meaningful little gift. 

Jewelry, Sort Of
11. Black Panther Claw Necklace

A piece of jewelry makes a statement. 

 A statement about your style, your aesthetic, and what you like. 

 This is why a necklace based on something you’re a fan of is a great option. 

 Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for a fellow lover of Black Panther, a necklace based on the movie carries a deep meaning to the one who wears it. 

Home & Decor
12. Black Panther Flower Pot(Golden)

Plants always claim to be so low-maintenance but then die on you, even when you’re doing everything right. 

 Something that can cheer you up a little after this happens is to get yet another flower pot. 

 If you know someone who has been through this incident, a flower pot is the best way to offer your condolences to their plant. 

 Even if it wasn’t exactly someone’s fault, but the weather’s, it won’t hurt to cheer someone up whatever the scenario is. 

13. Marvel/Black Panther Keychain

It may not seem like it but a keychain is a pretty intimate gift. 

 Think about it, it’s what holds all of the most important objects to someone. 

 Well, the smallest ones, at least. 

 So when you’re gifting a keychain, indulge yourself in pondering what the other person would like and what fits their personality the most. 

14. Official Marvel - Black Panther T-shirt

We all have our favorite pieces of clothing. 

 Whether that means going all-black, dressing up to challenge a rainbow, or picking a neutral outfit. 

 Whatever you prefer, you’ll definitely feel comfortable wearing merchandise originally from your favorite movie. 

 Clothing choices may seem insignificant but they’re what makes you feel confident in your skin, so gift someone something they can wear and you know they will love. 

15. Golden Pin of Black Panther

An enamel pin also comes as something that you can add to any outfit. 

 You can also add it to any piece of fabric. It’s your choice, really. 

 With so many possible ways to be used, an enamel pin is an appealing choice for a gift. 

 Especially if you choose one based on something you know the other person has a special place in their heart for. 

Home & Decor
16. Disney Marvel Black Panther Action Figure

It’s not an official action figure from Marvel, but it looks really good. Not really the type of figure you can play with, but a really good fan art you can place on your shelf, desk, etc. 

Show off everyone that you’re a true fan of Black Panther. It also can be just a token or a reminder of Black Panther values or just a reminder how great of a movie it was, basically it can be whatever you want it to be. 

Home & Decor
17. Blanket

It never hurts to have an extra blanket laying around. 

 Even if it’s warm outside, a blanket gives off a cozy feeling. 

 It also serves as decoration geared towards furniture, adding a unique touch to anything.

 Like we said before, having too many blankets isn’t a bother so that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about if you choose this gift. 

Home & Decor
18. Plack Panther Film Mount with Signature

Liking a movie poster and owning it are two completely different things. 

 Just as it is entirely different to own a movie mount rather than just a poster. 

 A movie mount makes it feel like you’ve got a whole corner of your home dedicated to that one thing. 

 If that’s the vibe you’re going for when it comes to gifts, then this is your best choice. 

Home & Decor
19. Disney Inspired Coaster - Black Panther

Something we all need but don’t really use. 

 I mean, who wants to get up to get a coaster after they’ve comfortably sat down with their drink? 

 No one, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. 

 You’d be surprised how much it increases the likelihood it will be used if you personalize a coaster with someone’s favourite character. 

20. Passport Cover - Kingdom of Wakanda

As a much-needed document, it’s a bit of a gift in itself to be able to customize it. 

 I mean, it definitely reminds us to keep it with us more often, or in a safe place. 

 There are countless passport holders featuring a movie or character that’s someone’s favorite. 

 That’s a gift you can pair with a plane ticket or maintain it as a single item, whatever your desire and your budget call for. 

21. Black Panther Helmet

A helmet doesn’t need to be exclusively reserved for cosplay purposes. 

 When not serving that purpose, it can double as a toy or collectible. 

 You could let someone know how this item is supposed to be used, or you can wait and see what they do with it. 

 Some would argue that the mystery is the pleasure of gifting this, but it’s totally your choice to gift this for a specific purpose or out of the blue. 

22. Black Panther Face Mask

A face mask keeps you safe and away from dust and any other particles. 

 Wearing one will cover most of your face, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting it to be fashionable. 

 Maybe not everything would look great on a face mask, but someone’s favorite movie scene will. 

 You might even see them wearing it when they don’t really need it only because they love the design. 

23. Marvel Super Heroes Lego Set

If you’ve ever wished to build anything you want, you can do that with Lego. 

 In the same way, if you want to craft a scene from your favorite movie, Lego is also the way to go. 

 These Lego sets come with instructions that you can follow or see where your imagination takes you. 

 Do you want to convince someone to play Lego with you? Gifting them a set based on their favorite movie is a pretty effective way to do that. 

Home & Decor
24. Black Panther 3D Statue

A bust might seem a little excessive but it will get the appreciation of a fan of the movie, 

 Like blankets or ceramic figures, busts are great decorative assets. 

 Not to mention that they’re low-maintenance items. 

 Low maintenance but highly successful in constantly reminding someone of a movie they love. 

25. Black Panther Cosplay Custome

Everyone likes cosplay, especially if that cosplay makes you feel like a superhero. 

 That’s most definitely achievable with a costume that resembles your favorite character. 

 This will become a lot more special knowing that someone out there supports the cosplay of your favorite character. 

 And how do you say that? You gift someone a costume or accessory that they can use for their cosplay. 

26. Black Panther Plushie

Plushies are comfort items we will probably hold on to for most of our lives. 

 That doesn’t mean that these have to be detached from everything else we like. 

 In fact, plushies can be themed after our current favorite movie. 

 They can also be made as gifts as long as you know what someone especially likes or you know that they will enjoy a plushie no matter what. 

27. Black Panther Tie

Another thing that allows you to bring your own little world to a fancy event. 

 At the same time as you match your cufflinks. 

 You know that any outfit which requires a tie is of a neutral color that will match it. 

 That should be taken as a green sign to go ahead and gift this to someone if you’re still on the fence about your purchase. 

28. Black Panther Inspired Cup

If you’re like me and you spill pretty much anything, then a plastic cup might be the solution. 

 However, it can feel quite strange not to drink from a standard glass cup. 

 One thing that might ease this feeling is getting a cup featuring a design of something you love. 

 So do you know of anyone who is always spilling things? Then gifting them one of these cups will be much appreciated by them and well, everyone. 

29. Black Panther Inspired Nails

If you pay attention to detail, you’ll definitely like this one. 

 This set of nails inspired by the Black Panther movie adds an extra element of meaning to your cosplay. 

 Alternatively, it will add that same element if you’re planning to wear these on a daily basis. 

 Also, everyone has nails, right? So you know that you won’t risk your gift not being of use at all. 

Bottom line:

Chances are, someone who can choose a favorite movie will also have a favorite character or scene, either from that same movie or any other. 

Either way, if none of the gifts in this list seem like something the person you want to gift would love, think about what other things they like and search through our website for gift suggestions on that. 

If you follow that ‘strategy’ when it comes to gifting someone, it’s basically guaranteed that you won’t run out of ideas. 

While you’re at it, why don’t you tell us what was your favorite gift idea or creative craft based on these? 

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