An eaten apple is a must on every tech gear of your mate, it doesn’t mean they just like to match them all but are diehard fans of APPLE INC, living on iCloud9… I mean cloud nine. This holiday season, bring a smile on people who swear by Apple products in your friends and family, bring them gifts to keep their gadgets covered, protected, and powered up! 

Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious ones. For example, for your apple fanatic folks, The easiest gadgety gift ideas are accessories they can use with their Apple devices — duh. And…more, with a touch of Apple class, for their Apple love! 

MacBook in the office, Watch on the wrist, Airpods in ears, and the latest iPhone in pockets, reward this loyalty of them the classier way with these Apple treats: from cases to wireless magnetic chargers to covers… they’re the perfect addition for any Apple ensemble – no faded regret necessary. 

By the way, If Apple started manufacturing gift-dedicated products, would they name it, iGifts? I think that will come under discussion at the California Headquarters, after this. So till then, we are here to save your day, BIG TIME! We have made a product list for you, which includes everything that makes a perfect gift for Apple owners and lovers. 

Presenting to you iGifts!

1. AirPods Pro

Did you hear? The right angle comfort third-generation AirPods are launched with a pro-style look to perfectly fit your ear and are smarter to use. However, you don’t need to own an iPhone to use them, yes, you can connect these cute and stylish buddies with your android gadgets also, the same way you can do it with your iPhone.They have come with a MagSafe charging support feature providing longer battery life. And guess what? You don’t have to stick to that boring white case, they come in matt black also and you can just modify it with the AirPods skin of your choice.  

MacBook Accessories
2. Earthy Palette Macbook Skin and Cover

One of the most popular misconceptions is that laptop covers and skins serve only the purpose of keeping your laptop look stylish, however, we can think of a multitude of reasons, you will be glad to be made aware of in order to maintain your valuable investment. Laptops are known to take a few hits, over the span of their lifetime, dust builds up leading to sticky broken keys. They are the ones to bear your office anger and stress and survive the quick falls and bumps, with just a little bit of bruising which you never know may have caused great internal damages, like hard drive damage, screen freeze, etc. Long story short, covers help you avoid the nightmares of your life. Deary ones should not be weary ones, after all!

MacBook Accessories
3. Apple Juice Laptop decal and sticker

Do you have small scratches, dents, etc. And you know what? Stickers are a pretty cool way to hide those scratches. If you’re careful enough you probably have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, stickers aren’t just about hiding scratches and dents, but they can also be a great way to show your character, show off your personality through art. A funny sticker like “Let’s spill some apple juice!” can show others that you don’t take things very seriously and you’re easygoing. This cute modification, any apple owner would love to have!

4. Apple Watch Series 7

As per Apple ‘Apple watch does what your other devices can’t because it’s on your wrist’. And we just have to agree because a wrist watch has never allowed you to do so much before. Similarly, smart Apple Watch series 7, with a tweak of settings enables you to make the most out of it. Its new features and larger display potentially make everyday activities convenient and it does make fitness, connectivity, and health insights fun like nothing else. It’s a light update for people who are looking to replace a several years old iWatch. 

MacBook Accessories
5. Laptop Stand

Who doesn’t like to have the freedom of working on a laptop, from anywhere and everywhere almost, coffee shop, conference room, at your desk? Like me, working from my bed. But what happens, as a result, is getting tired soon, having muscle fatigue, back and neck pain which is a result of your hunched posture while working on the laptop. 

 One can overcome a crooked life but make sure you don’t have a crooked posture. Avoid it all with one affordable, adjustable laptop stand, for your better posture and your laptop’s better life, protecting it from accidental spills and overheating. It saves you in the moment of heat, like literally! And let the fans enjoy it for a longer time. 

MacBook Accessories
6. Charger Stickers - no more fights on charger!

Hey Karen, have you seen my charger? Yes, this is the question we get to hear in 85% of homes. Personalized charger stickers are to make your and your patron’s life easier, Perfectly compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod chargers.

 This decal is a fun and easy way to make your charger easily identifiable, and reflect your cool personality and, most important of all, keep it safe from other family members to prevent ‘borrowing’ your charge for too long.

 Never lose or get your charger mixed up again. Ideal for households with a couple of gadgets and shut down those arguments regarding who has the charger of whom!

 The cell phone charger sticker is made to fit standard Apple gadget chargers and comes in three segments.


7. Next Generation Macbook Pro/Air 

Tweak your way of professional and official gadgets, the all-new recently launched Macbook Pro has come with no equal and advanced features to enhance your business life to the next level. Whoever has seen high-end Macbook Pro could not keep their hands off of it, they are said to be the world’s best notebook models to date. It’s a win-win investment for Apple Lovers, easily out of the bunch. Question is, Macbook Pro or Air, which is best and right for you? With the new M1 chip, seems like Apple have taken their laptops to the next level. Check the reviews and guide yourself by Apple experts. 

AirPods Accessories
8. AirPods Cover

PodSkins with integrated soft tips

 A very charming present you can purchase as a stocking-stuffer (Christmas showing up) or for a group of friends is the pod skins for AirPods. Airpods are expensive, and this inexpensive pod cover is perfect to keep yours safe from getting damaged. Whether as a safety measure or just a cute pop of color for unique style, the PodSkin case is perfect for your AirPods-loving friend who’s always listening to music on the go or is simply lazy. 

 There’s bound to be a time when you throw your headphones on the table or in your bag without thinking twice, even if your favorite protective case is within reaching distance. Therefore, keep your cuties free from scratches, stains, and other blemishes with these!


AirPods Accessories
9. Airpods Case Covers

Do you agree that a watch is one of the first few gadgets every apple owner gets, AirPods are always the first? They come in beautiful shiny and white cases, don’t they end up sliding in the bottom of your handbag, school bag, or pockets. Keeping them the same fancy-schmancy is only half the battle. It follows, and hence Airpod’s cover is the safest choice to prevent them from looking old before their full life. Nevertheless, an apple fan can match and carry them with their daily outfits without losing and preventing them from being damaged because of dropping! Get covers that perfectly fit your Airpods or Airpods Pro case and keep them clean and safe.

10. Newest iPhone

Are you like most iPhone users, probably wondering if you should upgrade to the newest iPhone 13 or wait for the next generation, you know what? This iPhone has surely come with its own perks, best of them all, improved battery life, which is one of the most convincing reasons for us Apple Fans, along with its beautiful design and AMAZING pro-level CAMERAS. iPhone 13, 13 pro, Pro Max, have pushed the envelopes ensuring that you are not shortchanged. This phone is a purchase one can not go wrong about, at this moment, it easily lets you cope with the updates of the tech world. Check out the guide by users, to help you with your decision. 

iPhone Accessories
11. Apple iPhone Case

No knockoffs. Original Apple Silicone Case. Sure most of us use the case to protect our phones, but you got to admit some of these Cases make your iPhone look even better. When I remove my cover, it feels like a completely different device. I can’t live with a case, it’s mandatory for me. 

Apple Watch Accessories
12. Personalizable Apple Watch Bands

A personalized watch strap is best – close to the heart! 

 It’s about damn time… stylish silicone bands are like setting a new trend and getting one personalized will make you stand out in the crowd especially if your band is more traditional, comes in common colors. Plus, personalized and custom gifts are always more than just a gift, they are loaded with emotions and feelings to connect with your loved ones.

 Pro Tip: Consider your profession, if you work in an office, get a leather or cloth strap, and keep a silicone band for your casual daily routine. 

 Can y’all think of something better to make their day than with these great watch bands, we can’t think so..!

Apple Watch Accessories
13. Ultra cute - Scrunchie Watch Bands 

If you like the standard band you got with your watch, that’s great! But having more than one band to wear and switch between is even a greater idea! 

 Why? Because you can be the talk of the party, with these soft and bright scrunchie bands, and win heartwarming compliments of the evening. Comfort and ease are unique to these silk scrunchie bands, so no worry of itchiness you may experience due to sweaty skin. 

Apple Watch Accessories
14. Apple Watch Cover

Better late than never, don’t wait for the apple watch to tick till its last ugly and rough look, protect it with bumper proof and stylish watch covers. Fix it to keep some shine on, till this Christmas so you don’t have to spend bigger than you can on this cover. Check some out on amazon, and pick as per your liking! 

Apple Watch Accessories
15. Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain

Apple users are the most enthusiastic tech adopters. They would fall for minimalism and high-tech products, EVERYTIME!

 In that case, this product is 100% recommended! 

 Make sure they can always keep their Apple Watch powered with a portable keychain charger that’s smaller than the watch itself.

16. Newest iPad

iPads. Great devices. You can draw on them, you can take notes on them. It’s unbelievable how accurate they are. With the Apple Pencil, you won’t need to buy another notebook. Sure, it’s an expensive gift, you have to think about it, but people tend to appreciate big gifts. You can watch movies with it, draw, take notes, play games, read, edit photos, browse social media, etc.

You just have to decide between iPad/iPad Pro/Air/Mini. We don’t expertise in tech, but in people’s desires, so we will leave you a link to a trustworthy source. 

Trusted iPad Experts

iPad Accessories
17. iPad Stand

Do you like using an iPad in the bathroom, for filming, by sticking it to the mirror? Or maybe like using it in the kitchen to keep up with recipes while cooking? Whatever you use the iPad for, an iPad Stand would probably make it a lot easier, and also prevent tech neck (neck and shoulder aches caused due to constantly looking down at your device) and let you use it from anywhere you possibly can. It is a great asset to encourage maximum mobility and usage throughout your entire home. Trust me, swing your iPad stand to eye level and work or play more efficiently. 

Homepod Accessories
18. Homepod Stand

Even Though the mini-homepod makes a great morning alarm, it easily can kind of get lost on the nightstand. Make the homepod mini a real piece of design at desk setting, give it a little makeover with this statement tripod wooden stand. I enjoy my favorite Spotify playlist every morning, keeping my mini pod in any corner of the room! 

Apple Accessories
19. Wireless Dock Charging Station - No Wires Attached 

Speaking hypothetically, in 2050, all surfaces in the house will be touch-operated, and keeping your Apple kit full will be as easy as placing your iPhone on the countertop. Until then, this wireless charging dock is the go-to for Apple fans! This technology’s inclusion with Apple products has given it a new life, indeed! 

 All of you have a dozen Apple charging cables and docks coming in and out every 2-3 months, this is why you will like this ‘no finding original tech accessories stress’ charging dock. This makes your life as simple as unlocking your phone with a touch, you can place your phone on the dock and forget about it (until it’s powered up to 100 only). 

AirTag Accessories
20. Airtag Case

Is your friend a blunderhead like me when going out and coming back with one thing missing? Please, be a ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’ and protect them by protecting their apple device tracker, AirTags. I dropped one while paying for Uber, now I hang it with my bag using one of these classy cases. 

Apple Accessories
21. Think Different Mug

You need a mug to catch tea or coffee on a glazing morning? So why not an apple mug? 

 This ceramic mug hanging out in the kitchen of an apple geek is like the last stone to the king’s crown. No matter how picky anyone is, this mug gift should always make it to their cute collection. 

Home & Decor
22. Apple 3D Desk Container

Whether it’s an office desk or your home desk, nothing is complete without this apple-inspired biodegradable pen container, you can add a minimal touch of luxury to brighten up any setting with this table container. It is sufficient to hold coins, your keys, or many small items, great for an Apple nerdy fan.

Home & Decor
23. Apple Neon Sign

This is vibing Apple! How does it feel to know that someone sells an Apple Logo Neon sign? We were very happy and hyped when we found it out just in time for you guys. This will match the neon vibe of any person’s chic house interior. 

Home & Decor
24. Wooden LED Table Lamp

Say, Siri, dim the lights because this wooden lamp has got you covered for a cozy and lit evening to share a glass of wine with your closed ones. It is such a perfect and cute piece of decoration and ideal for gifting to an Apple fan. 

 Are you getting it? Me too! 

 This would make any place a happy place by night, so why not introduce your tech-savvy friend to #romanticeveningsinApplehome!

Home & Decor
25. Cord Organizer Buddy 

Every tech-savvy person has too many wires to untangle, and obviously similar is with the person owning apple gadgets, this cord organizer buddy will make it super easy for them.

Cool Gadgets
26. Instant Photo Printer

We’ve gone from landlines to smartphones, tube TVs to Ultra HD smart TVs, and  Atari headsets to VR headsets. But for some reason, a lot of us have been using the same printer we’ve owned for over a decade. NOW, is the time to upgrade. This portable, easy-to-use inkless printer will take you into the future. 20 years from now you can cherish those quick and lively memories in your living room.

 This is not an apple product, but being an Apple fan I would still get it to capture memories and who knows, to make instant prints of the screenshots I want to show to my best friends!


Cool Gadgets
27. Aura Smart Frames

Still can’t decide what to give to an Apple fan? This will surely help you in making a decision. Smart Aura Mason Frames are unique and modern in style and super tech-savvy. 

 All you have to do is add this great app to your Apple phone and ta-da, enjoy those moments with family. You can also a little embarrass them too with their goofy childhood picture album on the roll!

Home & Decor
28. Macintosh Pillow #Nostalgic

Watch, iPhone, MacBook, AirPods, Airtags, do they own them all? There’s one essential thing they are still missing, from where it all started. Complete their collection with this soft pillow form of Apple II computer, while they can have a chance to own this personal computer revolution machine.


Hey Siri, Sign us off now! 

So these were some of our favorite picks for an Apple fan, some of the premium ones are: 

Charger Stickers are something unique and fun to give as a gift, they can have it distinguished and keep it personal to themselves, maybe something matching to their other tech gears would add to it! 

Apple logo neon LED signs can add a vibe to their living room or bar.   

Airtag covers can come in handy for anyone with something so mini, important, and easy to be lost. 

I hope you could find a perfect gift for an Apple fan by now, thank you for staying with us and reading till here. Don’t forget to drop some reviews and feel free to give recommendations if you have any, we would love to hear from you 🙂  

In the can, until next time.