Apex Legend is a cult game that is loved by its fans for its ‘Battle Royale’ gameplay. The competitive nature of the game means that there is everything to win and everything to lose. This fact is just one of the reasons why this monumentally successful game has become so famous among its fans.

Before we get into our list of the best gift ideas for Apex Legend players, let’s take a look at some facts about the game that add to its glory.

Apex Legends Facts & Figures:

  1. Apex Legend, a battle royale game, had 2.4 million players in its first 24 hours of its initial release.
  1. Before its release, there were no trailers or teasers. The company simply released it to no fanfare of publicity. It instantly became one of the most successful games in history.
  1. Here are some of the famous characters in the game.

a. Bangalore (Professional Soldier)

b. Bloodhound (Technological T*racker)

c. Caustic (Toxic Trapper)

d. Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress)

e. Lifeline (Combat Medic)

f. Mirage (Holographic Trickster)

g. Pathfinder (Forward Scout)

h. Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher)

  1. Each of the characters have their own destiny and specialize in their own unique field. It’s not just about having a strong team. It’s about having a strategic team that can accomplish their own designated jobs done.
  1. There are options of 2 or 3 member teams for battles. Each player takes the role of a different hero. A good selection of characters is essential for a win.
  1. Apex legends currently has over 70 million players worldwide and growing and it just keeps on smashing records year after year.

These facts are some of the many reasons why Apex Legend players are so in awe of this game and would love gifts associated with it.

So here we go! Indulge yourself in our list of best gift ideas for Apex Legend players and Apex Legend fans.

Clothes & Accessories
1. Disguise Apex Legends Mirage Classic Muscle Boys Costume

This gift idea is great for kids’ parties or cosplay events. One can dress as a holographic trickster in this muscle outfit, entertaining and impressing friends and family. Goggles are included in the pack to complete the look of this Apex Legends character. It will be smiles all around with this gift item.

Clothes & Accessories
2. Apex Legends Unisex Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Available in 6 different colors, this warm, comfortable, and fashionable Apex Legends Hoodie is going to be a real hit with any fan of the game. Great for everyday wear, vacation, hiking, or sports events, this hoodie will be worn with pride and the giftee will be the envy of their Apex Legend playing friends.

Clothes & Accessories
3. Apex Legends Shield Battery Enamel Pin Badge

This Apex Legends Battery pin is a small but perfectly formed accessory. Instantly recognizable to Apex Legend players, it is smart, colorful, and durable as it is made from shiny silver steel. A great addition to any outfit to keep the Apex legends flame burning bright whilst being understated and classy. 

Clothes & Accessories
4. Apex Legends Mirage Retro Japanese Men's T-Shirt

This Apex Legends retro T-Shirt is available for Men, Women, or Children. A gift idea that has a digital print of top-notch quality, means you can be sure of the quality and durability of the T-Shirt. Great summer wear for Apex Legend players or just lounging around the house.

Clothes & Accessories
5. Mirage Apex Legends Fool’s Gold Limited Edition Enamel Pin Heirloom

This gift idea is a very collectible item that would be a welcomed addition to any Apex Legends memorabilia collection. Solidly built, bright, and colorful. It has the look of an heirloom and will be much appreciated by the recipient. A nice smaller gift that is ideal as a stocking filler. 

Clothes & Accessories
6. Fashion Apex Legends jacket - S05 Crypto Vignette Jacket For Men

If you want to make someone’s year then this is the gift item that you should consider. A fashionable biker style Apex Legends jacket. It is faux leather and comes in instantly recognizable Apex Legends colors. It is ultra-cool and suitable for everyday wear or cosplay events. Make them feel special every time they put this amazing item on. 

Clothes & Accessories
7. Apex Legends Embroidered Logo Unisex Baseball Hat

This Apex Legends baseball cap with its classic logo is a stunner. Available in 12 vibrant colors to suit any personality, the design of the baseball cap is a trendy piece of fashion that will be a fashion staple in their wardrobe for many years. Give the gift of classic headwear with an Apex Legends twist. They will definitely thank you for it.

Clothes & Accessories
8. Apex Legends Reusable Cloth Face Mask

An Apex Legends washable, reusable face mask with 2 filters is a gift that shows you care and that you know just how they feel about their favorite game. Suitable for kids and adults, its Apex Legends design is instantly evident to players and will brighten up the usual grey, white or one-colored face masks that are seen everywhere these days. Let them stand out from the crowd and be a true original, just like the game.

Clothes & Accessories
9. APEX Legends Backpack

When the Apex Legend gaming has to stop as they venture outside or to school or college, this gift idea will keep the Apex Legend theme going. Decorated brightly and available with different logos and characters featuring on the backpack, this will make them a hit in the playground or campus. Also suitable for transporting their laptop and keeping it safe. 

Home & Decor
10. Apex Tapestry Art Wall Hanging

This gift idea is the definition of multi-use. It can be used as a wall hanger, poster, table cover, picnic blanket, beach blanket, etc. It features a collection of Apex Legend characters in various poses and will brighten up any plain wall and make it an Apex Legend feature wall. This unique gift will be cherished forever.

Home & Decor
11. Apex Legends Vinyl Wall Clock

Created from a real vinyl record and cut to shape by hand, this quality, retro gift idea is going to adorn the wall of an Apex Legends player’s home for years to come. With its enticing design and unique look, this item will garner questions from visitors and be admired by all. 

Home & Decor
12. Apex Legends Double-Sided Cupcake/Cake Toppers - 12 pcs

If you have an Apex Legend fan in your life with a birthday on the horizon then this idea will be a real winner. 12 cake toppers that are Apex Legends themed and double-sided, so they look great from any angle. Make their birthday celebrations and their birthday cake memorable by gifting these cake toppers.

Home & Decor
13. APEX Legends 3D Illusion Lamp

Night lights have come a long way since plain old candles and oil lamps. Now we have 3D illusion lamp nightlights with a choice of 16 different colors that can be changed instantaneously with the use of remote control. The choice of having either Apex Legends Wraith or Pathfinder also personalizes it even more. This gift will thrill them but also add a warm glow to their bedroom. 

Home & Decor
14. Apex Legends LED RGB Lamp

This Apex Legends LED wall sign light is great for everyday use or for a party or a marathon gaming session. The LED sign is suitable for the home bar, gaming room, bedroom, home office and just about anywhere they please. It can be affixed to the wall in seconds and will provide many years of light and enjoyment. 

Home & Decor
16. Apex Legends Bloodhound Scented Candle

The Apex Legends character – Bloodhound, is renowned as one of the greatest hunters in the Apex Legends universe. This hand-poured Apex Legends candle is handmade and as individual as the player themselves. Each candle is unique and will fill the player’s home with aromatic scents whilst being used.  

Home & Decor
17. Apex Legends Caustic Beer Mug

This gift item may look like a throwback to another time but Apex Legends players will love it. A beer stein with the Apex Legends logo emblazoned on it. It is made from wood and looks and feels very traditional. Not only for the beer drinker, but even the kids will also have great fun drinking soda from this collectible and usable gift idea. 

Home & Decor
18. APEX Legends Buttons Party Favors

This collection of Apex Legends Buttons is going to be a hit at an Apex Legends player party. Either give the buttons away to guests or collect them all yourself, the choice is yours. Featuring the characters from Apex, the only problem they’ll have is deciding which one to wear first.

Books, Games & Stationery
19. Apex Legends: Pathfinder's Quest (Lore Book)

Pathfinder is the lovable robot character from Apex Legends. In this book, he guides the reader through the landscape of the Apex Legends world on a quest to locate his creator. On the way, he meets and interviews the other characters from the Apex world. This book is a must-have for every Apex player as they will learn so much more about the game that they love.

Books, Games & Stationery
20. Apex Legends Coloring Book : High resolution & Large format

When we were kids, who didn’t love coloring in? All of us right?! So why did we stop? This gift idea is great for Apex fans of any age. A coloring book packed full of Apex Legends. Coloring has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels and calm the mind. Coloring in their favorite Apex characters is going to be a pleasure and it will also be therapeutic.

Books, Games & Stationery
21. Funko Pop! Apex Legends - Pathfinder Vinyl Figure

Funko POP is always on point with cultural trends in their line of collectible figures. The inclusion of Apex Legends characters shows just how much this game is loved worldwide. The Funk POP ‘Pathfinder’ collectible figurine is just one of the characters that are available. All and any of the other Apex Legends characters are on sale. Choosing one may be difficult so just grab a few of them and watch the smiles grow. 

Books, Games & Stationery
22. Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 Faction Calling Cards

These handmade custom calling cards are a great gift idea that is unique and fun at the same time. Each Apex Legends calling card is made with vinyl and applied to steel by hand so you can be sure of the quality control. The calling cards are featured in the game and will be recognized by fans of the game. The cards are customizable to your choice of custom design. 

Jewelry & Accessories
23. Apex Legends Game Logo Necklace

This Apex Legends dog tag necklace pendant is a very attractive piece of jewelry. Suitable for Men, Women, or Children, it is eye-catching and super fashionable. It is suitable for everyday wear or even for a special event. The pendant necklace will add a bit of sparkle to any outfit and with its Apex Legend logo engraved on the dog tag, it clearly proclaims just how much they love the game.

Jewelry & Accessories
24. Apex Legends Loba bracelet

This Apex Legend bracelet has been created and styled on the character ‘Loba’s’ own bracelet. It has been customized from resin, acrylic, and resin and is a fine-looking piece. It is detailed and replicates the character’s bracelet exactly. Apex Legends players will love wearing this bracelet.

Jewelry & Accessories
25. Apex Legends Keychain Necklace

A keychain that can double as a necklace is a multi-purpose gift that gives and gives. Made from steel and with the Apex Legends logo proudly displayed on the pendant, it will look just as good as a keychain as it will as a necklace. The creator will also include a gift card at no extra cost. 

Jewelry & Accessories
26. Apex Legends logo - Phone Case For iPhone/Samsung/Huawei

This Apex Legends-styled phone case is a remarkable piece of kit. Not only will it keep their phone safe, but also lend a dash of vibrancy to their device. It is can be customized with their name or your choice of text. Plus it is available in a variety of colors and for a wide range of mobile phone brands. Take your time choosing the options to make the gift perfect for your Apex Legends player’s phone. 

Concluding Thoughts

That’s our round-up of gift ideas for the Apex Legend fans. So let’s take a quick look at our top picks and favorites from the list.

The Apex Legends vinyl clock is such a stylish and unique item that we think it will really stand out.

The beer tankard is a great item. Made from wood, it will be a surreal experience drinking from it.

The phone case with cool Apex Legend logos will make a bold statement for any gamer.

And finally, the Bloodhound scented candle is an intriguing idea. We really want to smell the scent.

So did you find the perfect gift for the Apex Legends lover in your life? What’s your pick?

We would love to know which gift item stole the show for you and your reasons as to why that gift is ideal for your gamer friend or family member. The comments section awaits you! We always love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, be a legend. Never settle for less!

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