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Are you struggling with finding the Best Gifts for Runners? For Christmas, Birthday or just a random surprise gift for your beloved Runner?
Here are our suggestions for great gifts that will put a smile on any runners face.

1. Shoe lights for runnersshoe lights for runners

Led – shoe lights for runners.

Smart runners should always run facing traffic, right? Well, the great thing about these shoe lights is that they’re visible from a 360-degree angle.It’s small, compact but sheds off a highly visible beam making sure that you’re seen on the road running.

You will be getting two shoe clips.  Easy to use, just slap them on the back bottom of your shoe and press once to turn them on and twice to go into flashing mode.

Be more visible at night. Protect your Runners.

Under $10

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2. Camelbacks for runners

camelbacks for runners

Camelbak gots your bak.
Camelbak has already made their reputation around runners world.

There are so many aspects to staying healthy and be good at running. The absolute top of the list is water.
Many people don’t drink enough water per day. This is a problem in and of itself but put within the context of a strenuous activity such as running it can become very dangerous.

That’s exactly why CamelBak is on our list. It’s a great gift for a runner. Shows that you care about their passion and care about their health all in one.

Around $100

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3. Neck warmer for runners

neck warmer for runners

Head, neck, face, hands, and feet often gets the coldest. If you’ve ever been on a really cold winter run when your hand are so cold you can’t bend your fingers, you know what I’m talking about. Now you can protect all of those body parts.

It’s nice to have a neck warmer for winter running. It gives you an option to pull over your face should you need it at the beginning of your run.
Works as a thoughtful gift for a runner shows that you’re looking after his/hers health.

Under $30

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4. Water bottles for runners

water bottles for runners

Whether you’re heading out for a long run or doing a quick run around the block it’s important to always bring a water bottle along.This Water bottle for Runners offers adjustable hand strap with thumbhole enables grip-free running Large, expandable, zippered pocket carries a phone, keys, ID and other running essentials.

Under $20

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5. Sunglasses for runners

sunglasses for runners

You just need one pair of sunglasses for running and they will work for rest of your life.
We all know that running is good for your body(and maybe for your soul), but sometimes we need a little extra protection against the many and varied elements. Whether it’s rain, sun, snow wind or dust –  a good pair of sunglasses is a must for frequent runners.

Under $100

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6. Knee braces for runners knee

knee braces for runners knee

Knee Brace: This moisture-wicking knee sleeve has all the benefits of a regular compression knee sleeve, but it’s infused with copper to also provide anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties.
The Copper Joint Knee Sleeve “hugs” your knee to give it just the right amount of compression to increase blood flow to help speed recovery while providing maximum comfort. It stays in place and won’t move around or bunch up like some other sleeves. This Knee brace for runners knee is also one of the best selling knee braces on Amazon with great reviews by thousands of runners around the world.

Under $20

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7. Phone armband – Phone holders for Runners

phone armband

No matter what type of phone you have — iPhone or Samsung, Android or Microsoft – This Phone armband for runners will get you covered.

This Phone Armband is made of the highest quality soft neoprene and lycra blend that is made to flex, twist, and bend, but not stretch out of shape. It can stand up to the toughest of workouts and marathons. This phone holder for runners is ultra lightweight (1.5oz) for speed and comfort during all activities. This Phone Armband offers full-screen protection, yet you will retain full touchscreen functionality. It also features full headphone jack support for Apple and Android phones & other phones.

All you need is the road and the music.

Around $10

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8.  Cold weather running gear – runners mask for cold weather

runners mask for cold weather

You won’t let the cold weather stop you from your workout, right? You just need the right running great for cold weather.
This runners mask for cold weather is not only great for running but all sort of winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, cycling etc.

Extremely breathable. Lightweight, easy fit and extremely comfortable. This mask will keep any runner warm while running in cold weather.

Under $8

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9. Running Belt

running belt

Enjoy your run or gym activity with your hands-free.
If you’re looking for something to safely store your phone and keys and money while running without scratching your phone, you found it!

Under $15

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10. Medal Holder for Runners

medal holder

This Medal Holder can hold up to 60+ medals. Runners like to show their achievements to the world and they are really proud of their medals, so a medal holder as a gift is definitely a good idea.
We all know how hard we work to obtain our finishers medal, hours of tough training; focusing on that one event to achieve our goal. When you cross that finish line what do you have to show for it? A medal of success.

Under $30

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11. Good earphones for runners

earphones for runners

What does every Runner and athlete need in their lives? Something that they can’t go without? That’s right! Their favorite music. These earphones won’t have unnecessary wires that disturbs your running.
You can also view our Earphones for Weightlifters.

Under $40

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12. Calf sleeves for Runners

calf sleeves for runners

It seems that no matter what you do, or how many bananas you eat, leg cramps are just a part of life. What if there was a REAL way to help improve circulation while keeping those pesky cramps at bay?
By using Calf sleeves well-designed Calf Compression Sleeve you can finally have a product that encourages the relief and performance you desire! With a superior fit and long-lasting materials, we are the premier choice for compression legwear.

Under $20

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13. Hydration belt for runners – runners belt

Hydration Belt

Upgrade your running experience with hydration belt.  It will NOT bounce, ride up, nor chafe even with 2 water bottles in stow! 

Under $20

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14. Pepper spray for runner

pepper spray for runners

This pepper spray is Ideal for runners, athletes, and people on the go. This works great for both women and men, but in most cases, women face more attacks than men. If this person loves midnight runs, then she should protect herself and a pepper spray is a great tool for that.

Under $10

15. Gun holster for runners

gun holster for runners

Well…if you live in a ghetto neighborhood and with pepper spray, it’s not enough, gun holster with a gun might do the trick. It’s adjustable and elastic and if you take your security very seriously.

Under $20 

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That’s it. That’s our TOP15 Gift list for runners. This list most definitely will work for any runner.

Please, let us know which gift you chose in the comments below, don’t forget to subscribe, so you can find the perfect gift at the right time.

PRO TIP: If you’re a Runner reading this, share the guide with your GF or your family to raise chances of getting a gift that you’ll love.

If you’ve never really been into Running or sports for that matter, it might be quite difficult to get a gift a runner would appreciate. But if you will look carefully through the list you will definitely find something in the list above that suits your needs.

P.S the prices are changing day by day, so we’ll try to update them as much as possible, thanks.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthdays, enjoy them with your Runner.

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