Rocket League is an amazingly fun game and its fans are an ardent and knowledgeable bunch. The game is a genius take on soccer but cars taking the place of soccer players. The aim of the game is to score goals inside an enclosed dome where the cars can even fly. Eight players are separated into two teams of four and they battle it out to score the most goals in a set amount of time. The losing players’ cars get blown up when they lose. The game is simple yet effective and devilishly addictive.

Here are some cool facts about this legendary game:

  1. Rocket League is actually a sequel. The original game was called ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars’.
  1. Rocket League was released in 2015 and since it was first released there have been over 5 billion matches played online.
  1. Rocket league only cost 2 million dollars to make. To give you an idea, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) cost 137 million dollars. Psyonix (the game creators) have made back multi millions of dollars from the sale of the game over the years.
  1. Rocket League has an estimated 100 million players in the fan community worldwide.
  1. In its first week of release, the servers went down numerous times as over 183,000 gamers tried to access the game site and play online. It has since gone from strength to strength.

Now since you are up to date with Rocket League and its array of fun facts, let’s take a dive into our carefully cultivated list of gift ideas for Rocket League Players.

Home & Decor
1. Rocket League Poster

Any Rocket League player worth their gaming wings should have at least one Rocket League poster up on the wall of their bedroom or gaming room. This vibrant poster print would look great on its own or framed for posterity. It will show off their love for the game as well as decorating the room beautifully. 

Home & Decor
2. Rocket League Wall Art Room Print Poster

This rocket league poster print is a classy deal. Simple in its design, it has a sophisticated look that will draw the eye of any visitor and make a simple wall a feature wall. As classy as the gamers themselves, it’s a high-quality print on a canvas base. It is a bright colorful Rocket League wall hanging that is superior to the paper-printed posters. The picture is typically Rocket League in its vibrancy and energy and every Rocket League player would love to own this piece of vibrant art. 

Home & Decor
3. Rocket League - What a save! Coasters

Gamers need to remain hydrated during a long gaming session. (And we know how much they love Rocket League so those sessions can be really long!) To go with a drink, they will need a coaster to protect their desk or gaming station. This set of Rocket League coasters will ensure that no drops of liquid or heat from a hot drink will stain their surfaces. The Rocket League designs will also make them very happy. 

Home & Decor
4. Rocket League Funny Coffee Mug -

Favorite mugs are a valuable gift. Once we think of a mug as ‘our favorite’, nobody is allowed to use that mug apart from us. Welcome your Rocket League friend to their new favorite mug. With its humorous ‘What a save – Chat disabled’ logo, it is instantly recognizable as Rocket League material. A greatly useful and memorable gift.

Home & Decor
5. Rocket League Esports Car LED Neon Light

This high-quality Gaming sign/Night light is such an inspired gift idea. It is perfect for illuminating a late-night gaming session or can be used as a mellow night light. Created with 3D printing technology and available in many different choices of colors, this is a personalizable gift item any Rocket League player wants and needs right now! 

6. Rocket League Car Ornament

A Rocket League car ornament is a great gift idea for players of the game. It can be proudly shown off next to their console or computer or take a place of pride on the shelf of their bedroom or office. Every time they glance at it they will think of you and your thoughtful gift. 

7. Rocket League Mini Pull-Back Racer Car Mystery Ball 1-Pack, Multicolor

Here is one for the young or the young at heart. A mini pull-back racer collectible that is keeping up with the theme of the game. It comes in its own mystery ball to keep it safe when not in use and is a great fun gift that will make them smile. Ideal for a stocking filler or as a simple fuss-free gift. 

8. Custom Rocket League Car

This is a very collectible and prized gift item for the discerning Rocket League player. Ideal for adding to their collection of memorabilia, this customizable Rocket League car’s value will only rise through the years. A great investment for the future. 

9. Rocket League Car Keychain

This Rocket League car keychain is a great way to keep their keys safe and secure whilst they are out and about. Branded to the Rocket League’s official stylings, it will fit comfortably inside their pocket and keep their everyday keys safe.

10. Rocket League

Never let it be said that gamers don’t have a sense of humor. The Rocket League game itself is a laugh riot of playability and this humorous gift idea of a bumper sticker decal will raise smiles when seen. 

11. What a save - Video Game Sticker - vinyl decal

This gift idea is a guaranteed winner. These vinyl decal stickers are gloss or matte finished and weatherproof so they can be applied to things like water bottles, laptops, skateboards, backpacks, etc. If there is something they want decorating with their favorite game, this is the gift fit for the job. 

12. Hot Wheels 2020 HW Screen Time Rocket League Octane 13/250, Red

Hot Wheels is a trusted and quality brand and their choice of aligning themselves with Rocket League is a testament to the popularity of the game. This collectible, again, is something that will only rise in value over the years, as other hot wheels items already have. A great display item or a toy to while away the hours. 

13. Rocket League themed sweet cones, party favours

If the Rocket League player in your life has a birthday or a celebration coming up then this gift idea is a boon. A set of sweet cone party favors will be a hit at any gaming-themed party or celebration event. 

14. Rocket League Invitations

Another party idea! Rocket League invitations for the younger Rocket League player friend. Their invited friends will understand exactly what kind of party it is that they will be attending. A cute and fancy touch to accompany your main Rocket League gift or gifts. 

Clothes & Accessories
15. What a save! - Rocket League T-Shirt

This adult t-shirt with the legendary ‘What a Save’ printed on it will stir up quite a storm with the giftee. Available in a choice of sizes, this gift is a great idea for the more mature fan of this amazing and exciting upbeat game. 

Clothes & Accessories
16. Rocket League Keychain

Keep the Rocket League players’ car and house keys all in order with this keyring in the style of the Rocket League logo. When they receive this gift they will immediately remove their keys from their old keyring and attach them to this beautiful keyring.

Clothes & Accessories
17. Rocket League Kids t-shirt

This t-shirt is one for the kids. Available in a wide-ranging choice of colours, the only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which colour or how many to get them. The bright logo stands out no matter what colour you choose and they will be the envy of their friends. 

Clothes & Accessories
18. Rocket League - Ready to Rumble Men's Gamer Graphic T-Shirt

This Rocket Legends gift idea is created just for the game’s biggest fan. A ready to rumble logo on the front of the T-Shirt is classic Rocket Legend branding. It is machine washable and comes in a slim fit sizing and is officially licensed to the creators of Rocket League. They will thank you for this thoughtful and fashionable gift item. 

Clothes & Accessories

This ‘Education is important…” Rocket League T-Shirt is an exquisite affair. Humorous and trendy, it will soon be the go-to clothing item for Rocket League players. It is a guaranteed conversation starter that will draw comments from friends and strangers alike. Think about buying two of these so that they can wear one while the other is in the wash. 

Clothes & Accessories
20. Rocket League - Dog Tag Keychain

Keychains are like best friends, we choose one and then we stick with them for life. There is something comforting about a trusted and favored Keychain. It has brought us luck, kept our keys safe, and fits just perfectly into our pockets. This Rocket League dog tag keychain will be a trusted and well-used companion for years to come. 

Clothes & Accessories
21. What A Save - Face Mask

Face masks can get a little boring and mundane but this ‘what a save’ Rocket League face mask will brighten up the mask-wearing experience for them. Breathable and reusable, it will make wearing a protective face mask a pleasure for them showing off their allegiance to their favorite game. 

Computer Games
22. Rocket League: Collector's Edition - Xbox One

The Xbox One version of the Rocket League has its own collectors edition of the game now to buy. It is the same critically acclaimed game of smash ‘em up soccer that it always has been but now it has unseen material and a free set of art pits. This gift idea is perfect for your Rocket League playing friend or family member.

Computer Games
23. Rocket League: Collector's Edition - New Content Version (PS4)

This PS4 (Playstation4) playable console game is the special edition of the game. It is the collector’s edition because it contains the original game and is now with unseen and unplayed content with free bonus Rocket League poster prints. An amazing gift for your Rocket League player fan.

Computer Games
24. Rocket League Ultimate Edition - Nintendo Switch

This one is for the Rocket League players who game on Nintendo Switch. The Rocket Legends Collector’s Edition comes with even more thrilling content. Extra content includes never-before-seen Rocket League playable and Special Edition Poster Prints. For the Nintendo Switch player, this is a must-have. 

Computer Games
25. Rocket League (Official Game Soundtrack)

This gift idea is a banger! The entire official soundtrack for Rocket League. All of the electronica soundtracks can be listened to over and over again without even playing the game. For the true fans of the Rocket League, this is ideal. They can have their favorite game’s soundtrack with them in the car, in the house, or anywhere they like. 

It’s a Wrap!

So that’s our round-up of the gift ideas for Rocket League players. Some of our favorite highlights are:

The Rocket League collectible piece of memorabilia is a really nice and thoughtful gift idea which we are sure will have shine brightly on their shelf for years to come.

The bumper sticker is a humorous and unique gift idea that will probably get beeps of recognition as they drive around town.

The Rocket League car keyring is a relatable item as the game itself is centered around rocket cars.

Let us know what you thought about our gift ideas list and If you have any recommendations in our comments section. We love to hear from you all.

Until next time, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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