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Bodybuilders are a dedicated bunch of people. They have a focussed mindset and are as strong as the steel bars of the weights they lift. They definitely know what they like and like what they know. With that in mind, we have put together a list of gift ideas that we think will complement their lifestyle and melt their iron hearts.

But before we jump to this gift list, it would be worthwhile to take a look at some of the historical facts about this hobby that has become a lifestyle choice for millions of people around the world.

  1. Eugen Sandow was the first famous bodybuilder. He is known as the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’. He created and developed it in the late nineteenth century.
  2. Eugen created the first bodybuilding contest in 1901 in London, UK. The competition was held at the Royal Albert Hall and one of the judges was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
  3. The first Mr Olympia was held in September 1965 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City. Larry Scott won his first of two Mr Olympia titles.
  4. Probably the most famous Mr Olympia is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He holds 7 Mr Olympia titles and 5 Mr Universe titles. His bodybuilding fame led him to become one of the most successful action stars of the 1980s and 1990s.
  5. Bodybuilding is recognised as a sport but is also known to be a lifestyle choice due to the devotion and dedication needed to maintain such amazing physiques.

So with this backdrop of amazing facts about bodybuilding, let’s take a look at our deep dive into gift ideas for the health-conscious bodybuilder in your life. We have done the ‘heavy lifting’ so that you don’t need to.

1. Gonex Portable Home Gym

We love this gift idea. A portable home gym in a compact carry bag. Twenty-first-century life is fast and finding the time to exercise and keep in top shape can be tricky. You will have your bodybuilder buddy’s back with this complete gym that can be stored in their car, taken to work, business trips, or simply in their home. This item is suitable for beginner, intermediate, or advanced gym-goers and comes with a workout manual and video tuition. The price of gym membership only keeps on going up. This gift will save them a fortune by having the gym wherever they desire. 

2. Push Up Board

When bodybuilders aren’t in the gym what can they do to maintain the body beautiful? This foldable and portable workout stand is ideal for use in the home gym or as a travel item. Wherever they are in the world and at whatever time the urge to workout, you will have them covered with this 12 in 1 exercise board with hand grips. 12 different exercise methods and 4 training options that will ensure they are always a fingertip away from sculpting their ripped physique. 

3. Jandecfit Workout Bow
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4. Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Ba

Turn any doorway into a workout zone with this total upper body workout solution. The bar simply fits into the doorway and is fixed without screws or nails. Perfect for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches etc. and is made from heavy duty steel. The bar has cushioned grips so your buddy isn’t going to be bothered with calluses. This gift idea is a game changer. 

5. Mini Exercise Bike, Under Desk

We often hear bodybuilders and gym-goers warning each other “Don’t skip leg day!” That won’t be a problem anymore with this handy piece of kit. A mini resistance trainer that will put their legs through the workout with 8 resistance levels and amazing results. It is small enough to be used for home or office use so there really is no excuse for skipping leg day.

6. Exercise Training Log Book For Fitness Freaks For 100+ Workouts

The devil is in the details and preparing to succeed is everything. This fitness log book will be an invaluable aid for the health conscious bodybuilder. This log book will enable them to track and note down every training session, calories in and calories out, length of training session and also remind them not to skimp on leg day or inadvertently skip warm up or cool down sessions. 

7. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding

When we think of bodybuilders we think of the king of bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzwnegger. He is the most famous bodybuilder turned actor. His book, The new encyclopedia of modern building, is as it says, the bible of bodybuilding. This updated edition covers Arnold’s guide to sculpting muscles and also nutrition and dietary tips as well as the best exercises to make you ‘ripped’. This book has helped hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders to progress to show worthy bodybuilders. 

8. The Bodybuilder's Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building & Fat Burning Recipes (with Meal Plans)

It’s not enough to just lift weights and watch the muscles grow. Diet is a key factor in muscle bulk and energy conversion. This recipe book has 100 recipes to help with training and meal plans to make every workout count. Think of the body as an engine and food as fuel. Plenty of dietary tips to convert meal times to tasty fuel stops. 

9. Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder

Arnold is here again. (He did say he would be back!) This gift idea will provide inspiration to wannabe bodybuilders or people that have been exercising hard for years. Arnold writes about his tips and tricks in exercise, diet, and positive mental attitude. After all, lifting extreme weights or being dedicated to a lifestyle can be hard work, and sometimes we all need a little reinforcement and positivity. Arnold provides it in his sage-like advice. His experiences will inspire any reader. 

10. The Vegan Body builder's Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Meal Plans for Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Over the past few years, more and more athletes have turned to plant protein and choosing a Vegan lifestyle to be healthier, as a conscious step towards environmental and animal welfare. This guide to Vegan plant-based recipes for bodybuilders is a must-have for serious bodybuilders even if they aren’t currently Vegan or plant-based. The book has amazing recipes and a three-week meal plan which can be incorporated into any diet. There are also plenty of facts there to blow people’s minds also. 

11. Women of Steel: Female Bodybuilders and the Struggle for Self-Definition

Many people only think of male bodybuilding but that simply isn’t the modern fact. There are more and more women who are getting involved in the bodybuilding lifestyle and competing professionally. This empowering and enlightening book is a great read for any bodybuilder whether male or female as it rewrites the old rule book and shows the advancement in training and expectations. Anything men can do, women can do just as well. 

12. Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook

This gift idea offers a valuable insight into the world of competitive bodybuilding. A fascinating book for those interested in going to the next level and competing or just for the amateur bodybuilder with an interest in the sport. This book answers all the questions anyone could think to ask. Explaining what poses are best to practice, what licenses are needed and which competitions are the best to enter. This book will guide the reader through all of the answers. 

Kitchenware & Cooking
8. Insulated Large Capacity Cooler Bag

Anyone that knows a bodybuilder is well aware of their interest in diet and nutrition and how often they need to eat. This cooler bag with different sections is a must-have for bodybuilders. The insulated bag will keep hot things hot and cold things cold wherever they are. Preparing their daily food to take to work or to college and packing in this great gift idea will ensure their diet is healthy and that they remain happy.

Kitchenware & Cooking
9. Digital Food Kitchen Scale (Measures in Grams and Ounces)

Speaking of food preparation, this gift idea is the perfect partner to the bodybuilder chef in the kitchen. Their diet can sometimes be a little confusing with the need to have ounces of this and grams of that. Digital food scales will become their best friend in the kitchen. With its multifunction measures in Grams and Ounces, it makes life much easier than having to do the math themselves. They have enough to concentrate on so these scales will be a lifesaver. 

Kitchenware & Cooking
10. George Foreman 6-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

The George Foreman Grill is a household name and a trusted brand that millions love and trust. For bodybuilders, food is often an obsession because they have to eat the right food groups with the correct amount of protein and the correct amounts of fats. The grill helps to limit fat consumption and only concentrate on the healthier properties of grilled foods. This gift will have its own pride of place in the bodybuilder’s kitchen.

Kitchenware & Cooking
11. 50-Pack Plastic Microwavable Food Containers For Meal Prepping With Lids

This 50 pack of plastic food storage containers is a super functional gift idea to go along with the insulated food carrier we previously mentioned. All of their meals can be pre-prepared and frozen or immediately stashed in their bag ready to go with them to the gym or wherever they are traveling. A thoughtful gift idea for your bodybuilder buddy. 

Kitchenware & Cooking
12. Blender Bottle Classic Shaker (Pack of 2)

Bodybuilders love themselves a protein shake or supplement drink. This gift idea of a double pack of classic shaker bottles is great. One shaker bottle for their pre-workout shake and one for the post-workout shake. With these bottles in their kit bags, they will never go without their juice or supplement drinks. This is the gift that keeps on giving every day of the year. 

Kitchenware & Cooking
13. Professional Countertop Blender with Timer

To match up with our previous gift idea, we present this gift idea of a strong and sturdy blender to create their protein shakes, vegetable, or fruit smoothies. This blender is categorized as suitable for home or commercial use so it is strong and durable enough to crush ice, fish, frozen desserts, or soups. This will be a gift that they will rely on in the kitchen and will ensure they never skip a meal or go hungry again. 

Clothes & Accessories
14. Men's Gym/Weightlifting/Squatting Workout Shorts

A simple gift idea that is an essential item for every bodybuilder. Workout shorts are extremely important as they need to be lightweight, breathable and have to have a moisture wicking effect and be quick drying to provide the comfort and durability for every day workouts. They also come with side pockets perfect for their phone or MP3 player so that they can listen to their music while pumping iron. A cracker of a gift idea.

Clothes & Accessories
15. Men's Sleeveless Workout Hoodie Zip-up Vest

To go along with the workout shorts, we present this sleeveless workout hoodie. Made from lightweight material, the hoodie features a breathable fabric that also has a moisture-wicking facility that ensures that when the workout goes into maximum overdrive, they will feel comfortable and protected from sweat patches. The hoodie is available in a variety of colors for the fashion-conscious bodybuilder in your life. Sleeveless for the ‘Gun Show’. 

Clothes & Accessories
16. Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women

This bodybuilding gift idea will really show your affection for the bodybuilder as it is a must-have safety gift. A weight lifting belt for men or women that will protect them from injuries whilst working out. It is designed for comfort and functionality. The belt protects the abdomen and the spine to make pumping iron a safe and pleasurable pastime. It is adjustable and comes with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind. A truly great gift for bodybuilders.

Clothes & Accessories

Never let it be said that bodybuilders don’t have a sense of humor. This humorous workout tank top ticks the boxes for showing a sense of fun while also showing off the hard work on arms day. Let the gun show commence with this sleeveless unisex tank top. The legend ‘I flexed and the sleeves blew off’ will draw admiration to their muscular physique as well as the humorous gag. Great for workouts or just everyday use. 

Clothes & Accessories
18. Barbell Gym Hoodie - Crossfit Sweatshirt for Women

This gym hoodie for female bodybuilders or gym bunnies is an awesome gift idea. The design is of a strong female bodybuilder and the print has the legend ‘Iron never lies’ on the front of the hoodie. This clothing will add motivation while on the way to the gym and also is a fashionable, warm and comfortable item that helps them in the post-workout cooling down as well. Available in an array of different colors and it has a front pouch for their valuables such as keys, wallet and shaker bottle. 

Clothes & Accessories
19. Merry Liftmas Unisex T-Shirt

Here is another humorous bodybuilding gift garment that remains ‘on the theme’ for workout lovers. Merry Liftmas! A unisex T-Shirt that follows the recent fashion for ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’ and is great for powerlifting, workouts, and bodybuilding in general. The T-Shirt is soft, lightweight, and stretchable so it is perfect for workouts. It is also unisex so is flattering and comfortable for both men and women. The perfect gift idea for the bodybuilder in your life for the festive season.

Clothes & Accessories
20. Bodybuilder Biceps Handmade Charm Keychain

What does every bodybuilder need? A bodybuilder bicep handmade keychain to keep their keys safe and secure. It is made from lead-free pewter and is a classic design that fits perfectly into the keyring owner’s pocket and hand. Your bodybuilder friends will adore this gift idea showing their love and passion for their chosen lifestyle. 

Clothes & Accessories
21. Military Gym/Workout Duffle Bag

Every bodybuilder needs a gym bag that is spacious enough to carry everything they will need for each gym visit and for the gym bag to have different compartments for items such as their towel, sneakers, workout clothing, fresh clothing for post-workout attire, weightlifting belt, snacks, etc. Packing for a gym visit takes careful thought and this gym bag ticks all the boxes whilst being compact and has all the compartments they will need.  

Posters & Prints
22. Motivational Gym Vinyl Wall Decal

This bodybuilding gift idea is a must-have for home gym owners. Its motivational words that can be put on walls in their home gym will help to keep them motivated and positive. The vinyl stickers are removable and the central word ‘Strength’ can be personalized to the choice of color the bodybuilder in your life will love. The decals are also attachable to items such as laptops, cars, gym equipment. A great gift idea and a nice touch for gym decoration. 

Posters & Prints
23. Motivational Poster for Gym

Treat them with some pumped-up inspiration with this motivational set of posters for home or gym that will keep them focussed. They come as a set of four inspirational prints and can be framed or wall hung in minutes. When the workout is long and hard, these prints will power them through the pain barrier with their powerful images and quotations. They will thank you for this thoughtful and motivational gift idea. 

Gadgets & Devices
24. Body Fat Scale - Smart BMI Scale

Bodybuilders love the body beautiful and are always keeping an eye on their physique and their weight. These high-end technology smart scales do more than just tell their weight. They also measure BMI, Body fat scale and are Bluetooth enabled and compatible with an app that will offer even more insights into their physical well-being. The twenty-first century just said hello to the future of bathroom scales. 

Gadgets & Devices
25. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 AMOLED Color Screen BT5.0 Fitness Tracker

Technology is changing the way we live our lives and working out is no exception. This fitness tracker smart wristband is a great way to see what activities we have been doing, the calories burned and the time spent exercising, running speeds and times, swimming (yes, it’s water-resistant), and even tracks the wearer’s sleep patterns. It is an all-around great gift idea! Perfect for the bodybuilder in your life and their everyday life. 

Gadgets & Devices
26. Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Pain Relief

After the warm-up, the workout, and the cooldown, comes the need to have a massage to release muscles and any build-up of lactic acid, which can cause cramping of the muscles. And a good massage can help ease sore muscles. It is handheld device and offers a wide range of speed settings and different massage rhythms. It also has an LCD screen to control the speed and rate of massage with the touch of the screen instantaneously. A perfect gift for tired muscles. 

Gadgets & Devices
27. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

When working out, the bodybuilder is going to want to listen to their choices of workout music and not the music playing in the gym. These wireless earbuds are perfect to listen to their personal workout playlist to inspire and motivate them to go the extra mile. They are also waterproof so no worries about being damaged from sweating or locker room accidents. These are must-have earbuds that they will thank you for every time they work out.

Gadgets & Devices
28. Smart Tape - Bluetooth Body Measuring with App

Part of the bodybuilding culture is progress. How big has each muscle set or grown in any given amount of time? Ask a bodybuilder their measurements and they will be able to tell you the size of every muscle group. This Smart tape measure has Bluetooth for connection to devices and has a digital display to show the measurements exactly and immediately. They will be able to track their progress easily with this simple way to keep an eye on their muscle growth. Just Perfect! 

It’s a Wrap

So that was our take on some best gift ideas for bodybuilders. We hope it takes away the strain of sourcing the gifts yourself.

Would you like to know what are some of our favorite gift ideas for Bodybuilders?

The George Foreman grill is an indispensable piece of kit for anyone maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

To keep updated on exactly how their exercise regime is going, the health tracker wristband is a great idea.

Also, the recipe books are a great idea to help with different recipe ideas and they will keep their diet varied and interesting.

And finally, our top favorite has to be the electronic massager. Who wouldn’t benefit from this top-rated piece of electronic kit?

We love to hear what you think of all of our gift ideas so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Until next time, to paraphrase the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “We’ll be back! Hasta la vista, baby!”