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World of Warcraft or WOW (as it is known by fans and gamers) is a fantasy game where players help each other to raid dungeons and undertake quests. The characters use their special battle skills, weaponry, and magic to complete the quests and be victorious.

Fans of WoW are perpetually engrossed in a world of wizardry and monsters. With so much spellwork in the air, it isn’t hard to understand just why the players love this game so much. They are proud to be a part of this worldwide community with aliases and teams that they rely on.

Before you hit the gift list, let these fun facts about WOW enchant and pique your curiosity a bit:

  1. WoW is set in the mystical and mythical world of Azeroth.
  1. There are celebrity fans of WoW. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were best friends until the early demise of Paul Walker. They would regularly play online together. Mila Kunis is also an avid WoW player.
  1. There is a WoW theme park in China. Guests can spend a vacation in the world of Azeroth. Just jump on a flight to China.
  1. Robin Williams was a huge fan of the game. After he passed away, the WoW gaming company ‘Blizzard’ erected a memorial in his honour, in the game itself. Robin will always be remembered in Azeroth.
  1. The games release in China had to be delayed as the authorities wanted the programmers to make the skeletons in the game a little healthier and add a little meat to their bones. The Chinese authorities were concerned that the skeletons looked ‘too unhealthy’.

Spellbound much? Tighten your seatbelts for a fun ride in the sorcerous and menacing universe of WoW and take your pick from the most interesting assortment of gifts for WoW fans and WoW players.

Jewelry & Accessories
1. World of Warcraft-Deathwing-925 Handmade Silver Ring

Wow! (Not the game, Wow as in, this gift item is a stunner!) This WoW silver dragon ring is an impressive item of jewelry that is extremely sophisticated and eye-catching. The wearer of this item will be the talk of the town and the center of attention as they explain the meaning behind it. A very dramatic gift idea. 

Jewelry & Accessories
2.  World of Warcraft Elune Stone Necklace

This beautiful and colorful Elven necklace will brighten any day and even more so any outfit or cosplay costume. WoW inspired from the elven dungeons, this necklace is available in 3 dreamy shades that are enough to be appreciated by the wearer and their world of humans.

Jewelry & Accessories
3. World of Warcraft character Antique bronze earrings - Art Nouveau style

A set of antique bronze earrings with WoW styling and in an art nouveau style. Isn’t it the perfect way to take their breath away? This boho-chic yet classy gift idea will complete and compliment any outfit making the wearer look stylishly unique, just like this magical game.

Jewelry & Accessories
4. Warcraft Themed Leather Braided Unisex Bracelet

This unisex gift for adults or children alike is a gift idea that once put on the wrist will remain on the wrist and become part of their everyday attire. Comfortable and eye-catching, its dramatic red logo on black leather is a quality item and one that they will love to flaunt on a daily basis. 

Home & Decor
5. World of Warcraft Class Acrylic Coaster

These acrylic WoW coasters are a great gifting idea. Glass coasters can be a little hazardous for the youngsters as a heavily placed cup or glass can cause damage but these acrylic coasters will endure and remain intact with even the most heavy-handed of youngsters. An ideal accompaniment next to their computer or gaming console.  

Home & Decor
6. World of Warcraft / WoW inspired Ceramic Mug - HUNTER Edition

To go with the gift idea of acrylic coasters, we present this WoW mug to keep them hydrated with their favourite beverage. It is a two-toned ceramic mug that is strong and durable. Everyone has a favourite mug and when they receive this gift, it will easily occupy the highest pedestal in their favourite items. 

Home & Decor
7. World of Warcraft Pillowcase Square - Set of 2

A video gamers’ game station is a very personally designed area. This WoW cushion cover is ideal for their gaming chair to keep them comfortable and supported. With its WoW design, it is perfect to compliment their gaming area. 

Home & Decor
8. World of Warcraft Throw Blanket

During their long gaming sessions, while they are raiding dungeons and fighting the good fight around the world of Azeroth, it can sometimes become a little cold. This super soft and comfy velvet fluffy blanket is great to throw around their shoulders and feel all warm and fuzzy. And when it is WoW themed, the charm is doubled up with the usefulness. 

Home & Decor

The problem with keyrings is if you lose or misplace the keyring all your keys are lost or misplaced. This gift item will keep their keys safe and they will always know where they put them. Simply wall-mount the keyring holder and sit back and relax. It comes laser engraved with the legend ‘Azeroth needs you’. 

Home & Decor
10. World of Warcraft Blackout Curtains with Game Pattern

These thermal WoW branded blackout curtains are a fantastic gift idea that will not only mean that the room will stay warm but also there will be no light leakage. Pitched as an energy-conscious gifting option, it will help your giftee save money on heating bills. They also look very dramatic and will make the WoW player’s room look dynamic and every bit a gamers gaming arena. 

Home & Decor
11. World Of Warcraft Horde Travel Coffee Mug

When out and about, it is vital that we stay hydrated and this WoW stainless steel 14-ounce coffee/drinks travel mug will help with that. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, so any drink they put in will remain hot or cold for hours to come. It can also be used whilst gaming rather than keep making a hot or cold drink, they can have it next to their computer or games console to save on time. 

Home & Decor
12. Lich King Arthas Helmet  - Tabletop accessories/metal prop replica

This collectible piece of memorabilia is a quality piece of WoW kit. The item is Lich King, Arthas’ battle helmet, and will be recognized immediately by fans of the game. A great gift idea that will sit proudly amongst their World of Warcraft collection. 

Home & Decor
13. World of Warcraft Horde Night light

A night light is a wonderful item that can be used when going to sleep or as a tool to add atmosphere while you burn away your fingers gaming. Nobody wants glaring harsh lights when they are concentrating on winning a battle, so this night light will be the perfect gift for the WoW gamer. 

Home & Decor
14. WoW FOR THE HORDE | Light bottle | World of Warcraft

This light bottle is also a decorative item that is aboard the WoW bandwagon. It magically lights the area around it and when shaken there is a glittery storm of light in the bottle that looks every bit of magic as in the game itself. Great to add to a collection or just to add WoW atmosphere to a room. 

Home & Decor
15. World of Warcraft - World Map on a Canvas Scroll | Wall Art

This atlas map of the WoW world of Azeroth details all of the parts of this world and can be wall-mounted or table-mounted as part of a collection of memorabilia. It is printed on canvas and is also waterproof. It has the look of an ancient scroll and fits in perfectly with the lore of Azeroth. This item when gifted will be loved and adored by its owner. 

Clothes & Accessories
16. World of Warcraft / WoW inspired Personalized Unisex T-shirt

WoW, fans will proudly wear this t-shirt with its World of Warcraft styling. The t-shirt is unisex and suitable for children and adults alike. It is also personalizable, with the wearer’s me or Gamertag or ‘guide name’ being emblazoned on the item. A very cool gift idea, we say.

Clothes & Accessories
17. World of Warcraft Hoodie Pandaria

There is something about hoodies that is timeless. Almost everyone owns a hoodie of some type and the design of the hoodie is perfect for styling sports teams, rock bands, and video games. No surprise then that WoW hoodies are very popular. Warm and fashionable, everybody should own one of these. 

Clothes & Accessories
18. Horde 3 layer washable Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is an accepted part of our daily lives now and this WoW face mask will make this experience a nicer one. Once a fellow WoW player sees this on someone’s face, they instantly have something to talk about and are no longer a stranger, they are a new friend. A great way to stay safe and make new friends. 

Clothes & Accessories
19. High Warlord's Battle Axe World of Warcraft Metal Keychain

To go with our previous gift idea of a key ring holder is the actual keyring itself. Styled in the shape of the high warlord’s battle axe, this metal WoW keychain is a great accompaniment to the previous gift idea. It will keep their collected keys safe and be a talking point amongst their friends.  

Books, Games & Stationery
20. World of Warcraft Alliance Hardcover Ruled Journal

Taking notes can be a little boring sometimes but with this WoW hardcover notebook, it won’t be such a chore. It is lined and ready for use and will probably take pride of its place in the gaming station with its cover attractively designed with the WoW logo. 

Books, Games & Stationery
21. World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook Gift Set

This gift idea is a little piece of genius. A cookery recipe book and matching WoW apron is such a cool idea. The recipes are all stylized to be representative of the different areas of Azeroth and the book teaches the reader from scratch how to cook. The apron also protects their WoW t-shirts or hoodies from food spills. A gift idea that will also teach them life skills.

Books, Games & Stationery
22. World Of Warcraft Sticker Packs, 50pcs

WoW fans love to show off their allegiance to the wonderful game. This gift idea of a pack of 50 WoW stickers is great because they can use the stickers on their belongings. Skateboard, book covers, laptops, just about anything they like. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind what their favorite game is. 

Books, Games & Stationery
23. Deck of World of Warcraft tarot cards in Art Nouveau style- Wood edition

Nothing spells mystical aura better than tarot cards in our mortal universe. This deck of 22 cards inspired by the WoW character designs will make the arcana dealing a fun experience for Tarot enthusiasts. Even the WoW fans, who don’t know much about Tarot reading, will pick up interest to learn it as it features their favourite world of warcraft characters. Gorgeous Art Nouveau style printing, vivid colors, and wooden box touch just seals the deal.

Books, Games & Stationery
24. World Of Warcraft - 5 Book Collection Set by Christie Golden

WoW is not only an online gaming phenomenon. The book series is also a big worldwide hit with gamers and readers. When the gaming has ended, the world of Azeroth still has more to offer in the further adventures of its characters. This set of 5 books is a great way to encourage readers and to also fire the imagination of the WoW player. 

Books, Games & Stationery
25. World of Warcraft - Trading Card Game

A trading card game based around the lore of WoW. Players battle it out face to face, rather than online, to be the victor. Trading card games have stood the rest of time and are a perfect way to pass the time amongst friends at a party or gathering. Not everything has to be online. 

Gadgets & Devices
26. World of Warcraft - Soft Gaming RGB LED Extended Mousepad

This oversize mouse pad is for the ardent gamer. With its LED lights it is useful and dramatic and will be a huge hit for any fan of World of Warcraft. Imagine their face when they receive this gift and place it on their gaming station. It will complement their game room and the lights will add a little extra spice and atmosphere to their gaming experience. 

Gadgets & Devices
27. World of Warcraft Themed Headphone Stand

When the gaming is over and it’s time to hang up the headphones for the night, this gift idea will have the players’ back and will store their beloved gaming headgear safely. Of course, preventing the horrible experience of twisted wires or damaged headphones. WoW themed and very useful, this gift idea is a real winner. 

Gadgets & Devices
28. Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Professional Podcast, Gaming, Streaming USB Mic

Blue Yeti microphones are one of the most trusted microphone brands in the world. This WoW themed microphone comes with preloaded WoW character presets and even voice modulation and voice changer effects. The quality of blue Yeti is already legendary, and with this WoW themed microphone, it just got even better. 

Concluding Words:

We hope you are enlightened and enjoyed our round-up of amazing gift ideas for WoW fans. There is something for everyone in this ever-expanding gaming universe and you won’t have a hard time picking that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Here are some of our most favourite picks from the list:

  1. The WoW cookery book and apron set is a real winner with us. We all need a little help with cooking sometimes.
  1. The WoW headphone stand is an indispensable item that will keep their electronic headphones safe and in working order.
  1. And finally, our favourite gift item is the blue Yeti WoW  microphone. The voice effects and preloaded character presets is a genius idea and we want one NOW!

We always love to hear your comments and thoughts. It would be great if you could take a moment to let us know what you thought about this gift list in the comments section.

Until next time, may the road always rise to meet you and treat you kind on your journeys. Keep it WoW!