Overwatch is a first-person multiplayer strategic shoot-out game set out in the near-future earth. Released in the year 2016, this game quickly climbed up the popularity chart among gamers with its colorful team-based action and diverse cast of powerful heroes. Players play in two teams of six and fight the enemy in an almost endless variety of maps.

Fans of Overwatch fell in love with the game back in 2016 and still adore it because of the league competition system, that pits them against the best players in the world, and also because there are a variety of game types to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Before we dive into our curated list of gift ideas for ‘Overwatchers’ let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the game that will set the ball rolling for you:

  1. In its first year of release (2016) it received 102 Game of The Year Awards. That’s a pretty good going.
  1. An Overwatch Beta tester player passed away before the game was released. The fan had been playing the game to test its playability and became a huge fan. He sadly passed away in a high speed chase, attempting to reclaim a classmate’s motorcycle from a thief. The programmers of Overwatch heard about this and included a tribute in the game to their fallen friend.
  1. Overwatch fans host parties where they have tournaments and dress up as characters from the Overwatch universe. That’s some dedication.
  1. Overview players can choose from 32 playable characters. This is one of the reasons why fans are so, well, fanatical. The range of choices in the game keep it lively and intriguing.
  1. With the many, many maps and game styles available in Overwatch, there are 253,625,165,024 (or 253.6 billion) possible game combinations. That’s a lot of playing time!

Okay then, now that you are educated in some Overwatch facts and figures, let’s take a look at our list of gift ideas for the overwatch fan in your life.

Clothes & Accessories
1. Overwatch Girls 4mm Acrylic Pin

Let’s kick things off with a great gift idea for the girl fans of this sensational game. These Overwatch Acrylic Pins each represent a character from Overwatch. Strong female characters have been too long missing from many areas of the computer gaming world but that has thankfully been rectified and the times are now changing. These pins are handmade and any Overwatch fan would love to receive them. 

Clothes & Accessories
2. Overwatch 5 Pair Crew Socks

When battling in the Overwatch universe, it’s a good idea to keep your feet warm (we hate cold feet). This gift idea of a pack of five pairs of Overwatch themed socks are colourful and come in five different designs. These socks will ensure that the battle is fought in stylish comfort with these socks. 

Clothes & Accessories
3. Overwatch Game Sporty Jogger Sweatpants

Comfort and style are just as important as each other. These Overwatch jogger sweatpants are on point with both these factors. They have the game logo over the left-hand pocket and the title running down the right leg front. Pair these with the Overwatch socks and the gamer is gaming in trendy flair and warmth. After all, we all know what makes all the difference when you’re battling maniac robots. 

Clothes & Accessories
4. Overwatch Lucio Sound Barrier Snapback Hat

Snapback hats are all the rage and with their Overwatch-themed design, this gift idea couldn’t be any more desirable as headwear to Overwatch players and fans. Available in classic black with a white and green logo, this gift is a very desirable item. With the snap fastenings, it is going to be the correct size for anyone and completely unisex. A fantastic way to celebrate their love of their favorite game. 

Clothes & Accessories
5. Bioworld Overwatch Logo Emboss Vertical Bi-Fold Wallet

Safety, security, and strength – These 3S’s are the most essential criteria when choosing a wallet. This gift item will hold your cash, credit cards, and small mementos in all of the above and more. Made from faux leather, carbon fiber and embossed with a metal badge on the PU exterior, it will do the job just fine. Its bi-fold design means that it fits into the pocket snugly. 

Clothes & Accessories
6. Overwatch Men's Video Game Official T-Shirt - The World Needs Heroes

This officially licensed Overwatch product comes in classic blue with the legend ‘Overwatch The world needs heroes’. How true. Made from breathable cotton and with its colorful design, what more could you ask for in a T-Shirt? Not much. This gift item ticks all the boxes. 

Clothes & Accessories
7. Overwatch Heroes Lanyard ID Badge Holder with 2

Lanyards are now used on a daily basis, holding our IDs in places of work, colleges, and universities. This lanyard takes things to the next level. Branded official Overwatch logos and colours make it stand out from the usual boring lanyards. It also comes with a rubber charm and collectible sticker. A perfect gift for the Overwatch fan in your life. 

Clothes & Accessories
8. Overwatch Ultimate Junkrat Zip-Up Hoodie

The hardy perennial hoodie appears again. This Overwatch hoodie comes in military green and is emblazoned with the character ‘Junkrat’s ripped tyre logo’. It is machine washable and we think it just looks so cool and can imagine the Overwatch players settling down for a gaming marathon wearing this gift item. Trust us, they will love this gift!

Home & Decor
9. Overwatch Hero Icon Coffee Mug

This laser-etched stainless steel coffee mug is a great piece of design. It has the Overwatch logo and you can choose your choice of hero on the reverse side of the mug. The mug is double-walled and will keep hot things hot and, you guessed it, cold things cold. An ideal partner for the gamers’ marathon gaming sessions. The laser etching of the designs also means that the logos are scratch-resistant. 

Home & Decor
10. Overwatch Ultimate Logo Inspired Etched Glasses

What can we say about these utterly collectible and deliciously attractive etched glasses? Well, they are fantastic. Every Overwatch character is available, the choice is yours and the laser etching means that you can expect the highest quality. The glasses can also be personalized to your exact needs so bear that in mind when ordering these for your Overwatch playing friend. Unique and beautiful. 

Home & Decor
11. Overwatch Video Game Wall Poster

Oh boy, this stunning gift idea is just a piece of perfection. Handmade and printed on high-quality canvas, this is a very desirable gift item that would make any bedroom, gaming room, home office, or living room a very cool place to be. Featuring a scene of Overwatch characters, this colorful and dramatic wall hanging poster would have perfect placing on any Overwatch player’s wall. 

Home & Decor
12. Junkrat Clock

This Overwatch gift idea is hand-painted and made from laser-cut Arctic birch wood. Its silent sweeping motion means that there is no irritating ticking sound. This is good news as the silence can reign and leave the Overwatch player undisturbed and untroubled by distracting external sounds. The striking yellow clock design is also a great advantage to hanging this on any wall. It will always be noticed and admired. 

Home & Decor
13. Overwatch Tracer Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Water Bottle - 17 oz

Water bottles have become a daily feature of everyone’s lives as we have understood that maintaining the recommended levels of water intake is crucial for ensuring good health. This Overwatch water bottle makes it easier for the gamer to remember and reach out for the water often. They will always want this branded water bottle by their side as it is utterly cool and stylish. Water never seemed so cool. 

Home & Decor
14. Overwatch Heroes Twin Comforter

This Jay Franco officially licensed Overwatch bedding set is a must-have for fans of the game. A twin comforter that is both super soft and fade resistant. This item would be a hit with any Overwatch player. Imagine snuggling down in bed after a long session of their favorite game and drifting off to sleep under their favorite game’s logo. They will love you for gifting this excellent product. 

Gadgets & Devices
15. Overwatch Theme Keycap

Overwatch keys for their computer keyboard? We have your back. These Overwatch-themed keycaps will bring their keyboard to life in full glorious Overwatch technicolor. The character keycaps available are DVA Bunny, DVA Rabbit self-destructs, and Genji Dragonblade. Don’t settle for anything less than an Overwatch-themed keyboard. Colorful and stylish. 

Gadgets & Devices
16. Overwatch LED Lamp - Personalized Gamer Night light

This Overwatch personalizable nightlight is the perfect gift for any Overwatch player and for any room. The LED light lamp is artistic and beautiful. The light changes colors when you touch the button and is a great feature. Colors are: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white. This gift is technology at its very best. 

Gadgets & Devices
17. OW Professional Extended Gaming Mouse pad/Keyboard Desk Mat

An Overwatch mouse pad that is branded up to the nines and also is ergonomically designed to reduce tiredness and stress on the wrists. Made from top-quality material to ensure a lifetime of use and support. The anime mouse pad is an ideal must-have for gamers to support their wrists and drinks.

Books, Games & Stationery
18. Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - Reaper

This Funko Pop creation from the Overwatch universe is the character ‘Reaper’ and is just one of the many characters from the game that Funk has Popped into fans’ lives. It is a quality product and is a highly collectible addition to any gamer’s memorabilia collection. 

Books, Games & Stationery
19. Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector's Edition Board Game

Monopoly is back and this time it has an Overwatch twist. This collector’s edition version of Monopoly is designed with Overwatch fans in mind. There are 6 character tokens that can be chosen and players choose a group leader and then battle for the high score to win the Monopoly game. This will provide many hours of fun and laughter. 

Books, Games & Stationery
20. Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Pharah and Mercy Dual Pack - Collectible Action Figures with Accessories

In the arena of collectibles and memorabilia, the figurines are highly regarded. These 6-inch Pharah and Mercy figurines are no exception. They have multiple poseable body parts and accessories to make them very desirable to the Overwatch player and collector. They are just 2 of 8 actual collectible figurines so the only problem you’ll have is deciding just which figurine to buy next as a gift. 

Books, Games & Stationery
21. Overwatch: The Official Cookbook

A cool cookbook that represents Overwatch and features recipes inspired by the heroes of the Overwatch universe. The cookbook features a diverse collection of cuisines representing each of the character’s home countries. Full-color photographs of the dishes and detailed instructions mean that each recipe can easily be understood and completed. A little piece of genius. 

Books, Games & Stationery
22. Deadlock Rebels: An AFK Book (Overwatch)

Now Overwatch fans can follow the continuing stories of regular and new characters by reading the original novels based around and in the Overwatch universe. This gift idea takes gaming off the internet and puts it in the hands of the gamers to read and research further about their favorite characters’ story arc. A great addition to the Overwatch universe and a great gift idea. 

Books, Games & Stationery
23. Overwatch Stickers (50Pcs Large Size) - Party Supplies

Imagine being gifted 50 stickers of your favorite game so that you can decorate your world with them. Well, imagine no more. This 50 piece stocker set will blow their minds and allow them to adorn their belongings with whichever sticker they please. Their laptop, their skateboard, their rucksack, all branded up with the coolest game in the world. Perfect gift for them. 

Books, Games & Stationery
24. Overwatch: D.Va - Collectible Pin with Premium Display Case

Another highly sought-after piece of memorabilia is this collectible pin featuring a premium display case. The pin is made from thick enamel and is sturdy and colorful. It is officially licensed so you know it is a quality item. This chic gaming gift would be a valuable piece in any player’s collection. The presentation/display case is of museum quality and will look stunning when presented with other collectibles. A must-have Overwatch item. 

Books, Games & Stationery
25. Overwatch Ana Shrike LED Glowing Mask / Cosplay Helmet (Officially licenced)

And finally, this officially licensed Overwatch item is a joy to behold. An Overwatch cosplay light-up helmet is just the perfect gift for any fan or player of the game. The mask comes cushioned and will fit perfectly on almost any sized or shaped head. The LED light bar will look stunning as it is a continuous bar so no fluctuations. There is a fan running inside the helmet to prevent it from becoming too hot or any ‘fogging’ problems. All in all, this gift item is just a masterpiece of design and we think that every Overwatch player or fan would love to have this in their life. 

Wrapping Up

That was our round-up of Gift Ideas for Overwatch Fans. We hope you found it helpful and are now armed with the gift ideas to make any Overwatcher smile.

Some of our personal favorite gift items include:

The Official Overwatch Cookbook – We would definitely try the recipes on the pages of this cookbook.

The 12” Junkrat clock – The colorful design would brighten up any room or rainy day.

The etched glasses set is such a cool idea that we would love to have a long cool drink from it.

And finally, our most favorite is the Light up LED cosplay helmet. There is cool and then there is Overwatch cool. This gift item is stunning!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the gift ideas or also if we missed something on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

That’s all from us for now. Until next time, stay cool, lock the doors, and hope they don’t have laser blasters.