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Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for that special gamer in your life? Look no further. Check out our list of presents that every gamer would love to have – Best Gifts for Gamers.

This list is full of all the latest gaming hardware and software that game players are praying for and cheering for.Prices on all gaming hardware and software fluctuate on day-to-day basis. As well as their availability. Especially in December, when everyone is buying Christmas gifts for their beloved gamers. We’ll do our best to keep this guide up to date regularly, but there’s a lot of movement in the gaming category, technology changes day-by-day.

1. Valve Steam Link – Gift for Steam gamers

Valve Steam Link

Valve Steam link – $54.99

Price at amazon – $31.87

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Connect your Steam link to your home network, where it will automatically discover any computer running Steam. All that’s left to do is grab your favorite controller, kick back and enjoy your collection of games from the comfort of your couch.
This little Valve hardware is very functional, this tiny box lets any gamer steam games from their Steam library to your HDTV, and it does it with a surprisingly great connection. With this little box, you can take your PC games from your desk to your couch. If you want to transfer PC gamer into TV/Couch gamers, this is the perfect gift.

Steam link is designed to take advantage of the horsepower you already have in your home, steaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its experience to your TV. Technically speaking every game you can play on your computer, you can now play on your TV.

Make sure you have the right controller for this.
Steam Controller actually is a great attachment to this gift. Valve Steam Link + Steam Controller would be the perfect present for gamers. Any gamer receiving this as a gift would be super excited. Works great as Christmas gift for gamers as well as a birthday gift or other occasions.

2. Nintendo Switch – Gift for Nintendo Fans

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con – 383.79

Price at Amazon –  $371.70

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Hot Topic for 2017 – Nintendo Switch. That’s a name a lot of people have on their gift list and want to find it under their Christmas tree.
Nintendo’s newest gaming console has been nearly impossible to get due to such high demand. The new console features a unique design, and it offers one of the most amazing gaming experiences. The console is simply a 6.2-inch tablet with small controllers called Joy-Cons that attach to the side of the screen (they also can be removed to use as wireless controllers) When you place the Switch in its dock. It automatically switches to allow gaming on the big screen. The Switch offers entertainment in any environment thanks to its portability. In addition, to provide single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere.

This will most definitely make that special someone smile and love you even more.

3. PlayStation 4 or Xbox One – Perfect gift for console gamers

best gift for console gamers

PS4 Slim, Xbox – $299.99 & 249.99
Amazon – $289.80 & 237.95

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If the person on your list is looking at their old console, xbox 360 or playstation 3, this is definitely a great upgrade.
There’s two option going with Xbox:
Xbox One and Xbox One S. The S is slightly more powerful, 40% thinner, supports HDR (high dynamic range) and 4k Blu-rays. The power enhancement really isn’t that big deal, though, and if the person doesn’t have 4K TV, the upgrade is not something you should be worried about.

There are also two options for PS4:
Playstation4 Slim or Playstation4 Pro. Just in case that special gamer in your life prefers PS4 over Xbox One. There’s still that massive fight going on which console is better. Let’s be honest here, they’re both the same, most people pick a team based on the console they own.
PS4 Slim is more svelte than the original model, but besides that, there isn’t any different. You will only see a big difference if you own a 4K TV.

So what’s the difference between these two game console giants? There are definitely some minor perks for each console, you will find some games you can’t actually play on Xbox One and the same goes for PlayStation 4, that’s just part of the marketing, but in sense of gaming experience, you can say they’re pretty much the same, of course, there will be Hardcore gamers that will disagree and mention multiple details that are different and why should you buy this instead of that.

Bottom line is that both consoles are a perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for console gamers. Receiving either one would make any gamer happy.

4. Razer Blade Stealth – Gifts for computer gamer

gifts for gamers

Looking for a gift for PC gamer?
Finding a gift for PC gamers can be real though. Especially if you don’t know the difference between HDD and SSD. Computer gamers are though crowd, they care about one thing and one thing only – quality. Most likely you won’t impress them with a new keyboard or a new mouse pad. If you truly want to surprise and impress that special someone – Razer Blade Stealth will do the trick.
It’s one of the most recognizable gaming computers out there, it has acquired a lot of great feedback from industry experts and has ranked multiple times as Nr.1 gaming laptop.
If you’re looking for a perfect Birthday or Christmas gifts for computer gamers, then Razor Blade Stealth will definitely make a lot of people happy.

Razor Blade Stealth – $1399.99
Amazon – $1389.99

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 5. Steelseries Arctis Series Gaming Headset

best headset gifts for gamers

Steelseries – $99.99
Amazon – $79.99

You can’t really enjoy your games without a proper headset, right? How else will you hear the bad guys coming and communicate with your lads? Gaming without headset doesn’t really work.
This gaming headset works for all the gamers – PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Andriod, iOS etc. They’re not only great for gaming, but also music, movies and more.  Each model features a sleek design, the same high-quality audio drivers as the Siberia 800 headsets, and exceptionally comfortable ear pads and headband pieces. The latter is self-adjusting and inspired by the elastic bands found in ski goggles — you can even accessorize the headset by swapping headbands.
Arctic challenges everything you know about gaming headsets with completely overhauled audio, a new mic design with unmatched clarity, and improved comfort with materials inspired by athletic clothing. Arctic 3 brings pure performance and style, featuring SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound.

From $99.99

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6. Microsoft Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows – Perfect Gift for Xbox & PC Gamer

perfect gift for xbox gamer

This little device will let you integrate your Microsoft Xbox controller with your PC easy. Microsoft wireless adapter supports up to 8 wireless controllers and up to 4 wireless headsets. A simple gift that only a person with both PC & Xbox will appreciate. This would definitely categorize as gamer gift under $50. Small, yet very thoughtful.

From $24.00

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7. HTC Vive VR – One of the best gifts you can get for a gamer

vr gift for gamer

2017 has experienced some virtual reality explosion and now there’s amazing variety of VR headsets to choose from in the market. But which is the best VR headset out there? Which one should you choose? We’re suggesting the brilliant HTC Vive. HTC’s Vive is a comprehensive package that includes a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations for defining a “whole-room” VR area. It’s technically impressive and is the only VR system that tracks your movements in a 10-foot cube instead of from your seat.

This group is what most of the fuss has been about. The Oculus and HTC both work with a PC, while the PlayStation VR works with a PlayStation 4; so your choice of the headset may come down to whatever machines you already have. If you’re going for a PC headset, be sure you have good enough specs to run it.

Putting on the headset washes away the real world with fantastical games, immersive stories, and endless possibilities. Features include precise tracking, adjustable straps and eye relief tuning for captivating and comfortable immersion. With wireless controllers designed specifically for VR, interactions feel intuitive and natural, like an extension of your hand. Imagine feeling the lifelike tension as you string a virtual bow and arrow, grabbing objects to examine closer or using shields to deflect enemy fire.

VR development and evolution is difficult to predict, there are definitely some new hardware and software coming out, but for now, let’s just stick with HTC Vive as our best VR system. But if you’re looking for a cool gift for your gamer, then you should definitely consider VR headset.

From $540.00

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8. Gaming Chair – Yaheetech Faux Leather, Black gaming chair

PC gaming chair

Gamers are extremely devoted to the hardware that supports their hobby. The consoles, graphics cards, CPU. But despite all the time and attention spent acquiring the best gear, one simple but important component is often forgotten: where to rest our backs and butts. If you’re looking for a racing chair, but don’t want to go full “Need for Speed”, then this one is the one we suggest.  This gaming chair’s padding is made of faux leather and nylon. It is pretty comfortable, though, some people have reported that it is a bit stiff for them. It also uses a steel frame for added durability as well. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, and Black/Red.

If you want to love your PC gaming experience, even more, I highly suggest that you get a comfortable chair for gaming.It might not be a “gaming” chair; you can even use an office chair that is comfortable and has the head and lumbar support a gamer needs. Choosing the right gaming chair is mostly a preference thing, but you always have to put in mind comfort above everything else.

Starting from $69.99

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 9. Gifts for Gamers – Gift cards for their favorite consol.

Gaming gift cards

Xbox $50 | PlayStation Store $50 | Nintendo eShop $50 | Steam $50 

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In case you’re not certain what game to gift to your friend or loved one, get them one of these gift cards instead. They come in $10-$100 quantities for every console. We recommend the $50 cards because most video games cost between $50-60. Although a gift card may feel like a cop-out, it’s a sure way you don’t accidentally gift a gamer a game they already have. If you’re not sure what kind of gaming console your friend has, there’s always amazon gift cards.

10.  Gaming Merchandise – T-shirts, Hoodies, Pop vinyls, etc.

gamer t shirt as a gift

If you’re looking to make your gamer happy, but don’t have a big budget, there’s no reason to be worried. A small gift that shows you respect his hobbies is all it takes to get a smile or a jump. It doesn’t have to be necessary a t-shirt, you can get him a hoodie a hat, maybe a pop vinyl with his favorite Star Wars character – Darth Vader.
Just a small symbol of love and appreciation, you won’t go wrong with gamer merchandise. There are a ton of gaming merchandise on Amazon, so go take a look and find the perfect gift for your gamer.

Under $15

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PRO TIP: If you’re a gamer reading this, share the guide with your GF or your family to raise chances of getting a gift that you’ll love.If you have never been a huge fan of video games, choosing the right gift for a gamer is next to impossible. However, if you carry out an “investigation”, you will definitely identify your beloved gamer with some of the above-listed items. Once you do that, the only thing you have to do is to wait for the holidays to come to show the special people in your life what a thoughtful gift-giver you are.

That’s our List of Best Gifts for Gamers. If you’ve anything you would like to add to this list, please, let us know.
P.S the prices are changing day by day, so we’ll try to update them as much as possible, thanks.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthdays, enjoy them with your gamers.